Food Safety and Traceability

Food safety is an important issues in today’s overpopulated global market. Key global food safety concerns include: the spread of hazardous bacteria, chemical food contaminants, new food technologies assessments, and building strong food safety systems to ensure a safe global food chain. Though regulatory demands are key to food safety, there are also strong business … Continue reading

Obesity: Addressing the Causes and Health Costs Associated with Rising Rates of Disease Associated with Our Diet

The United States population is currently facing the worst health crisis that it has ever seen. The obesity epidemic now directly affects at least one-third of our population, with the average American now carrying roughly twenty-three extra pounds of weight (Fulkerson, 2011). Yet, the discomfort suffered by carrying around these extra pounds is not the … Continue reading

Curbing Sports Agent Misconduct in an Evolving Industry

In this industry, everyone is a sleazeball and a loyal friend –it just depends who you’re talking to.  Drew Rosenhaus, one of the most well-known sports agents of all-time, currently represents over 170 clients but claims to have personal relationships with each one.  While I find this hard to believe, I would not question anything … Continue reading

Oil: You’re Addicted and You Don’t Even Know It. As you can see, oil dependency has been an issue for America for over 3 decades. Yet we continue to increase our consumption and dependency on oil every year. Just think how different our American lives would be without oil? People use and consume oil every day, yet rarely think about how important this … Continue reading

Decriminalizing Addiction

The War on Drugs has been raging on since the 1970s when President Nixon declared drugs as America’s Public Enemy Number One. Since then Reagan increased the efforts against with a popular “tough on crime attitude” in which drug users, addicts, and traffickers alike were all treated as serious criminals. America now incarcerates more of … Continue reading