Apple, Hated or Loved?

It was Christmas morning.  I open a small box.  I tear the wrapping paper off anxiously.  I discover that it’s an original iPod, an ounce of magic, the first of a dynasty.  Years pass and I am in complete fascination with this product and Apple in general.  I have watched the progression of these products over the years and have owned all sorts of products including phones, headphones, speakers, and iTouch’s.

Simply put, Apple is cool.  I have an iPhone 4s along with some other products I play with.  I’d have to say my favorite piece of fruit is an Apple.  Apple always seems to crunch my appetite.  Unfortunately, I dabble with a PC, only in the classroom though.  The relationship has been rocky.  An upgrade is an order.  I’ve had my eye on a certain Ms. Macintosh for a while now.  I’m left mesmerized by her features.  Lightweight, sleek, silver, and beautiful.  I must have her.

My gears started turning.  How are these Macbook airs made?  How can an operating system be stored in something thinner than a piece of hair.  I pick up the product and turn it sideways, only to see it’s nearly invisible.  I never thought about technology.  Does it just fall out out of the sky?   No, let’s be real, it’s not like money.  So, I read.  I google.  I use my iPhone.  I open my laptop.  I search articles and my eyes widen.  I read about Foxconn, where Apple products are manufactured.  Now, my relationship with Apple is complicated.  It’s no longer a full hearted love relationship.  It’s now a love hate relationship.  After reading about the working conditions at Foxconn, my stomach churned.  They have nets so that people can’t commit suicide.  There are 13 year old kids working there who have logged more hours this week than my grandfather in his entire life.  This sickens me.  A product I love so much is made in such tormenting ways.  Therefore, I guess my relationship has become one of a complicated nature where I love the product but hate what lies behind it.

7 thoughts on “Apple, Hated or Loved?

  1. I found your monologue very relatable. Your description of the “previous” relationship you had with Apple products before you found out they were made in sweatshops in China was completely accurate. I, too, have struggled with this debate, as I am also an apple devotee, having all apple products when it comes to my electronics. They are so sleek and easy to use, who would want that clunky, temperamental PC in comparison? And as a result of their ability to attract followers, like you and I, the company has done quiet well for itself, even being predicted by a professor in another class (Professor Nicholls, Corporate Finance) to be the first billion-dollar company listed on the NASDAQ. So how does a company that is doing so well financially justify underpaying their workers or forcing them to work ridiculously long hours just because they can? I understand that it is in the best interest of the shareholders to maximize net income, but does that justify inhumane corner cutting as a result? Overall, my feelings towards Apple as a company are definitely love-hate, but that doesn’t change how much I rely on, and will continue to rely on, their products.

  2. Someone in the podcast mentioned that one justification about the working conditions in the factory was that their employees would suffer even worse poverty if they weren’t working for Foxconn. So now it seems like the problem in Southern China goes beyond the factory conditions. Also I enjoyed your description of the fascination you have with the sleek design of the MacBook Air. I can’t even imagine being an employee at Foxconn that makes those products for 14 hours every day, but never gets to see the finished product. To me, that is somewhat of a cruel form of punishment. Apple makes enough money to improve the lives of these employees. It’s just a matter of whether or not they actually will, that is the question.

  3. I enjoyed very much the way you play with words here. What Christmas was that?

    “I discover that it’s an original iPod, an ounce of magic, the first of a dynasty. ”

    ” I’m left mesmerized by her features. Lightweight, sleek, silver, and beautiful. I must have her.”


    This one threw me a little- Apple crunch? Am I missing something? What does it mean?


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