Feelings toward the iPhone

What I remember most is how perfect it looked when I opened the box.  The IPhone was so shiny when I looked at it I could see my reflection perfectly.  There was still plastic protecting it, and I almost considered not taking it off in fear of leaving fingerprints.  The silver edges didn’t have a single scrape, and when I finally lifted it out of its cushion, it felt light to the touch.  At the time, the IPhone was the best gift in the world.

Years later, I read an article in the New York Times that discussed the relationship that many individuals feel towards their IPhones.  In a few studies, the author was trying to prove his theory that many people are actually addicted to their phones, similar to those who are dependent on cocaine and alcohol.  But what he found was even more astonishing.  According to his research, subjects who were exposed to the sounds and pictures of iPhones not only reacted to it, but felt a rush in certain parts of their brains where we typically feel compassion or romance.  In short, he discovered that we are not addicted to our iPhones.  We are in love with our IPhones.

As much as this article surprised me, I know that I, too, have a strong attachment to my IPhone.  Although the novelty of opening it the first day has worn off, I know that my phone, as much as I don’t like to admit it, has become an integral part of my life.  I use it as an alarm so I am always on time for classes, and it is my iPod so I can find incentive to go to the gym.  It is my calendar so I always know my schedule, and most importantly it is a constant means of communication.  As much as I wish it wasn’t true, I am clearly attached to my iPhone.



2 thoughts on “Feelings toward the iPhone

  1. I agree that people are more addicted to their Apple products than they wish to admit. An iPhone can be used for so many different things that people, myself included, feel unattached from the world if their phone is dead or lost. If you look around after a class ends, people quickly pull out their iPhones and check their favorite apps to see if anything new happened while they were in class. I would challenge people to see if they could live without their iPhone for any long duration of time. It would be very difficult for most people, myself included. People excitedly rush towards their iPhones everytime they hear the sound or vibrate. I remember when I did have an iPhone and I was constantly out of the loop because I couldn’t check my email on my phone or go on social network sites. I would be lost without my iPhone now a days.

  2. I agree with all that you have said about people’s relationship with their phones. It’s scary to think that this attachment is so strong that it resembles love. I am also a part of this iPhone cult. We all know the feeling that we are lost, out of touch, and alone during the times when the phone runs out of battery and turns off. How can a piece of technology have such an impact on our emotions? I’ve only been an iPhone user for 6 months and already don’t know what I would do without it. I barely even remember how I functioned before it. It’s time that I may have to rethink my relationship to this object and take a healthy break from it.


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