Apple: Helping Us Get Everything Done

When was the last time you went a day without technology?  Can you think of one? (I seriously hope that you can….) How long ago and for how long did you “survive”?

Let’s hold on a minute.  I just asked if you could “survive” without using technology…wow.  And while I joke about this question, I certainly won’t try to deny my own love and frequent usage of technology.  Technology makes daily tasks easier.  Technology makes life easier.  I, like, Mr. Mike Daisey, am a member of the Apple fan club.  I joined in 2005, when I got my first iPod mini.  Let me tell you, once you join the club, it’s hard to leave.  From a loyalist and customer standpoint, Apple just does it right.

Everytime I have gone into the Apple store, the employees always seem to be trying their best to make sure you have a good experience with them that day.  You walk into a clean, sleek, and (in my case) very busy Apple store, and it just felt like the place to be.  The Apple Geniuses are scattered throughout the store and are there to show you whatever you want to see and demonstrate how easy the object is to use.  It must be great to work in one of the stores; you get to be constantly referred to as a “genius”. Pretty nice perk.  Back to me, the “normal” customer, I remember the exciting feeling of walking out of the store with that crisp white Apple bag and later getting home and opening up a small minimalistic-but-yet-still-sleek box.  There it was.  My very own, clean, smooth, black iPhone.  From that point on, my iPhone has continued to make life easier, more efficient, and more entertaining.  I love looking at my iPhone, playing with iPhone applications or browsing new ones to try, communicating with friends with my iPhone, managing my daily schedule with my iPhone, and running with my iPhone. Even if I am not using it, I feel kind of weird if I don’t have it in my hand or pocket.  It’s not that I feel the constant desire to use it, but it is more my paranoia kicking in that I will lose it or something will happen to it that gets me.  Hey, it’s expensive to replace without the AT&T upgrade so I want it in my sight at all times.

While I do in fact love my iPhone and MacBook Pro, I also believe that things need to change.  Labor conditions need drastic improvement, and I was very impressed with the amount of time and effort that Mike Daisey put into his research and time overseas.  I am happy to hear that people were willing to speak with him and that more workers are starting to speak up.  That said, things will improve at a quicker pace of we all take a stand and help all of the innocent people in need that are manufacturing some of our most beloved technological devices.


One thought on “Apple: Helping Us Get Everything Done

  1. I am going to answer your opening questions. When is the last time i went a day without technology? Well I am going to assume technology means cell phone or laptop and not necessarily TV. If that’s the case, then one day last summer I woke up on a weekend and left my phone and computer in my room and hung out all day. It was odd, but the feeling of being free from the world for just a little bit was pretty nice. Would I do it two days in a row? Hell no. It was good for one day, but there’s no way I’d continue that lifestyle. I enjoy the connection to the world and the unlimited access to information too much to give it up. The days before smartphones were the days of unanswered (albeit often useless) questions. I can’t tell you how many times I am on the go and there’s a question that eats me up inside. I just have to find the answer. Did John Stamos win any acting awards in 2004? Before my smartphone I would just have assumed “no, probably not,” but that uneasiness of not truly knowing would linger in my mind. Nowadays, a couple clicks, swipes, and pinches and I have the answer. Yes. He won a TV Land Award for Quintessential Non-Traditional Family in his role as Uncle Jesse in Full House. How about that? I can sleep easy. Can I survive without these things? Of course, they are essentially luxuries. Would I WANT to survive without these things? I rather have them in my life. I am not ashamed to say I fully rely on technology for almost everything.


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