iLove or iHate?

Can you think back to the time we were in elementary school and the cool technology was a walkman with CD-roms? I remember having stacks of cds in my room and borrowing my friends’ cds to burn them. This was back in a time when a device could only play music and you needed a CD-rom to put into the walkman. I thought walkman were the coolest thing and I could not imagine a future time when the music industry is no longer dominated by CD-roms.

I am not a major Apple fan, I actually consider myself more of a Dell person. I have only had Dell laptops and I never worked on a Mac before I came to college. Although I have never had a Mac, I have had two iPods and currently have an iPhone. I don’t remember getting my first iPod, but I distinctively remembered getting my second one. You see, I am the most forgetful person ever and I left my first generation iPod on the plan coming home from the last golf tournament of the fall season my freshman year of college. I had my first generation for over five years since I will use a device till it dies or I lose it, whatever comes first. With an old smart phone that was about to fall into pieces, a lost iPhone, and a Dell computer that of course had a virus causing it to unusable, I returned to campus with no major technological device. My mom thankfully bought me a new iPod touch and sent it to campus. I remember opening the package up and staring in disbelief that an iPod could be so skinny. I could not believe that an iPod could do more than just play music and have solitaire on it. Now with my new touch, I could go on Facebook, the internet, download new things called apps, and take pictures. I remember thinking why do I need a computer anymore?

The monologue made me reflect about my personal relationship with Apple, but also what is would be like to be a worker in the Foxconn factory. Imagine being one of 430,000 workers working for a large multinational corporation. Now imagine learning one task and doing it over and over and over again for ten years or thirty years. Now imagine doing all of this as a child or a teenager. I really want to believe that Apple doesn’t know about the underage children because I cannot imagine executives being okay with 10,11,12, and 13 years old on a factory line for an absurd number of hours instead of out playing with their friends or in school where they belong. The nets were another thing that made me sad and angry at the same time. These peoples lives must be just be depressing that they feel brutally and publicly jumping off of a building to their deaths is the only way to escape their horrible lives. And the response of Foxconn is only to put up nets? These people aren’t being looked at as humans in the eyes of Apple and the owners of Foxconn. At what point does the minds of business executives turn from what is best for business to what is ethnically and morally best? Now whenever I look at my iPhone or iPod, I think about the people and all of their pain that went into making a device that I find hard to live without.


2 thoughts on “iLove or iHate?

  1. The beginning of your second paragraph summed it for me as well. Never used a Mac before college, have a Dell laptop (miserable), own 2 different iPods, and have an iPhone. When my one iPod mini broke, I went out and bought the new gen one. When my iPod touch broke, I bought another one, even though I have an iPhone. It made no sense, but I’ve become so attached to it that I need it in my life. I can’t even remember the last time I went on the actual website of Facebook since I have the app on my iPhone and iPod Touch and that site used to be my life. It’s strange how such innovations in technology changes our lives.

  2. I can completely relate to your comment about CDs and Walkmans. Our generation has witnessed such a transformation in technology, that products that we once held dearly now seem obsolete. My sister, only a few years younger than me, never used a Walkman as a child and would probably not be able to tell you what it looked like. The evolution of technology, specifically apple products, has rapidly changed for so long, even the original ipod seems foreign to me. Of course, we must ask the inevitable question, what will apple introduce next, that will make even ipods seem obsolete? And when they do, will they drive us further into this mindset that we need technology for our every day lives?


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