Stop making people die for your iProducts

Before attending the college in United States, I had already heard about the news of Foxconn in China. I was surprised by several news about the suicide of employees in a factory but did not know it was Apple’s manufactory. After getting more use of Apple, I tried to learn more about this brand and figured the suicide events happened in Apple’s Chinese factory in Shenzheng. With deeper research, the poor working condition and heavy workloads in Foxconn shocked me. More than half of employees worked more than 60 hours a week. I watched videotape, which was recorded secretly by a reporter who tried to interview employees in Foxconn. The dorm was small and simple. I can’t believe Foxconn set its huge amount of employees in those little cubes. Another thing shocked me was its 24-hour opening factory. It was 2 am in the morning and inside of the factory was still busy as the daytime. I was about to cry when I saw the children were cleaning the iPod’s screen. They should sit in the classroom and learn knowledge instead of facing the toxic chemical cleanser.

I still remember the first Apple product I got, which was a yellow nano. A lot of my classmates were holding an iTouch or iPod at school and it looked very cool. I asked for an iPod nano as birthday present even though I had already had a music player. So, my primary motivation to own an iProduct was to look cool. The Apple is a special brand because it influences the way of communication and entertainment. So, people simultaneously believe Apple is a company, which is socially and environmentally friendly and responsible. Also, Apple is no longer a brand offers electrical utilities. Instead, it is a brand of collection. Some people get Apple products not for physical functions but for spiritual satisfaction. The brand name is so popular and fascinating that people keep ignoring the negative side of this magic brand. Another magic Apple has is that its brand image has already gone beyond electrical utility, for example, I wanted an iPod nano because it looks cool. I believe most of people love Apple because it is a fashion.

Although I am having four Apple products right now, I am upset every time the tired faces of those Foxconn employees showing in my head. Even though making profit is a way to show social responsibility, the profits of employees, customers and society should be put in front of everything. Stop making people die for our iProducts.






4 thoughts on “Stop making people die for your iProducts

  1. I agree with you that the conditions are absolutely appalling to learn about. What percent of Apple product owner’s do you think actually know where they’re product is coming from? Also, how high do you think profits falls on the list of social responsibility? I thought that was an interesting point to raise. For any salesman, it is important to put food on the table for his family so making a profit is extremely important regarding social responsibility in that sense. However, when you are a billionaire how can you justify making a profit as socially responsible?

  2. One of my friends is huge Apple fan. He has bought every new Apple product whenever they were released. Lately, iPad mini came out. We were in NYC and he couldn’t resist going into the glass cube and buy it immediately, without any hesitation, even though he already had 2 iPad dusting on his shelf. He has also bought 2 copies of Steve Job’s biography – one to keep at home, another to have here in his room. Isn’t it adorable to have an Apple-bible? He, just like you, is very upset with all those events happening at Foxconn, yet he still buys all those Macs and iProducts. The iMagic is truly amazing.

  3. I agree that it’s very saddening to learn about these poor conditions, but at what point is it enough? You mentioned that you still have Apple products despite knowledge of these conditions. I, too, have Apple products and although I’m just learning of how poorly Apple treats its workers, I can’t say it would make me not want to buy another one of their products in the future. Apple remains a cool trend and it seems that as long as that’s the case, it doesn’t matter what goes on behind the scenes UNTIL it becomes a trend to NOT buy from Apple.

  4. This is a great post and a good example of what we started out class discussion with today about where we fit in as the “individual”. I agree that it is terribly upsetting, mind-numbing, breath-taking, and whatever else you could say about something that is more horrible than you could ever have even imagined when you see pictures of these people. But then again….what can we do as individuals to make a difference? You mentioned you have Apple products, and I’m guessing there is a decent chance you will continue to own at least one in the future, so what is the answer to these overseas labor atrocities? I don’t think a product boycott would do much good, but like I heard a few people say in class, we should be responsible for getting out awareness and making an effort to head down a better path.


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