Vicious Cycle

I remember the days of portable CD players. Constant rewinding and fast forwarding, the excruciating process of burning songs onto CDs, the pain felt when it malfunctioned from overuse or scratched your precious CD. Thankfully, the ipod was created. Now we can all enjoy practically every single song on a single, transportable device. The ipod is hands down the best media player in the market. Its sleek design, multiple models, and storage capabilities make it the industry standard. I’ve been in those situations when I stupidly forget my ipod on a train or long bus ride. Don’t know how I made it out alive. I can honestly say that without my ipod I just can’t function properly.

I’ve known about Foxconn and Apple for a few years now. I’ve read the articles, done the research, heard the lectures. The cycle goes something like this: I hear the news. Disgusting that multinational corporations would take advantage of a workforce in this manner. All anyone seems to care about is the bottom line and maximizing profits. Later that day. Boycott Apple products until conditions improve? Something must be done. A couple days later. Boycott Apple? Geez, that would be difficult. A week later. Foxconn is in China. Boycotting is too difficult. I love my Apple products.

I hate to say it but our dependency/fascination with Apple outweighs our concern with how their products are made. I feel like Frodo and his obsession with the ring. Must have it. Cannot live without it. Of course we can though. He wanted it. Didn’t need to have it. We want Apple. Don’t need it. But we are attached to it anyway. 



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