Cory Doctorow–Embrace the Information Age…or get left behind



I, like many of my classmates, went into this blog post with an interest in a few individuals that did not make the list.  I originally thought of Tina Fey because I recently read her autobiography Bossypants and was inspired by her drive and ability to succeed in a male dominated industry.  However, Tina Fey was not on the list so I move on…

Most of the names on the list I will admit I did not know.  I searched a couple of names and decided on Cory Doctorow.  Cory Doctorow is a Canadian blogger/ journalist/science fiction writer who is a strong advocate of loosening the vice-like copyright laws currently enforced by the U.S. government both domestically and abroad.  Cory Doctorow is the co-editor of the blog “Boing Boing”, a blog similar to WIRED magazine, except as he points out, for the fact that his blog is substantially cheaper to produce.  Doctorow has written many books addressing the ideas of the internet and its current U.S. regulation, which he personally feels is ridiculously stringent.  In the video I have provided below, he goes into further detail about his disdain for extreme copyright laws that often result in lawsuits against children that are unaware of the serious repercussion this can result in.  I found this particularly interesting because of the current time we are living in. 

We live in an information age.  In his talk below, Doctorow provides a great example of how dependent we have become on technology.  He talks about his recent experience trying to find a nutritionist.  The first thing he did was to search Yelp for nutritionists with good quality reviews.  After finding someone that fit his criteria, he then plugged in her address to Google maps to get a map of where she was located, and finally entered the address into his GPS for turn by turn directions straight to her business.  This is a great example of just one of the many ways that the American public has become dependent on the internet for everyday life. 

While I realize that many of you will probably not watch the entire 56 minute video that I have provided below, I would encourage people to watch at least the first 5 minutes.  He does a great job laying out what he is going to talk about in his introduction, which will definitely give you a good feel for what Cory Doctorow is all about.  While I am not sure that we would be able to get him to come speak us, but I feel that his talk would be very valuable to everyone in the class.  The internet, and the privacy/copyright issues that have come along with its rise, are at the center of government policy today.  This is an issue that affects every single one of us.  I mean do you know anyone who doesn’t use the internet at all and is not left behind in today’s society?

Video is from Authors@Google Series hosted by Google at their headquarters in CA on May 21, 2007.

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2 thoughts on “Cory Doctorow–Embrace the Information Age…or get left behind

  1. I agree that he would be an interesting person to speak at Bucknell. I do feel like the internet and privacy/copyright issues are very relevant for our generation. In a time of Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, and Instagram, I think we all need to be more aware about our own privacy and the laws that have to deal with information on the internet. I think a lot of people would be interested in his talk if he was brought here to talk about how his research and findings and how it can connect to their life as a college student looking to begin a career.

  2. After reading how he says you need to keep up with technology and the information age just reminds me of my grandparents trying to use technology. They refuse to take the time and learn even though it would make their lives more convenient in many regards. It would be very interesting to hear him discuss copyright laws and the implications if they were all void, both positive and negative. If Bucknell brought in two opposing views on the topic and had them debate it would be incredibly entertaining.


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