Aliens do exist at Bucknell

Physics, philosophy, technology, futurification, and media are all names of fields in which Michio Kaku has something to say. Kaku is a protégée who not only has taken on the task of continuing Einstein’s work, but also the task of bringing the dreams of the future to the thoughts of the masses. He has had many different radio shows where he talks about the opportunities which will be present in the future whether due to new technologies or changing how we interact with them.

Kaku started his fascination with science at a young age. In high school he created what he hoped to be an atom smasher for his science fair project. This allowed him to catch the attention of Edward Teller who granted him the Hertz Scholarship to attend Harvard University. Fast forward a plethora of education and many research findings later, Kaku became excited by the prospect that he could bring these great ideas, theories, and findings to the masses by showing them how these new technologies would affect everyone’s daily use. He began toying with the idea and thought that his tv and radio shows could be a great comparison to the World Fair whereby people could see the technology in action. This idea came out in the form of many different shows, however the one which caught my attention, not just now but also as a kid in high school, was the Discovery show 2057. This show brought the viewers into the future by fifty years and showed both where technology is going and where it is in modern day. A sample of the show can be found here.

I personally believe that Michio Kaku would be a great speaker at Bucknell because of his ability to capture the minds of young Bucknell students. Furthermore, I think that a talk about how the different research at Bucknell will impact the future could be especially pertinent and interesting. For example, Professor Steven Shooter has been working on a robot which can walk, run, and jump like a human which will one day have uses such as helping people who cannot walk to walk. I think that bridging the gap between what people “know” about Bucknell (that we are generally intelligent) and what people actually see to support their hypothesis. I think Kaku is the man to do it.

8 thoughts on “Aliens do exist at Bucknell

  1. This would be an interesting lecture, hopefully more like show and tell on stage, opening Bucknell’s eyes to the technology coming to life in our future. The future will always be of interest to us, but advances are coming at a much faster rate now than ever before. The saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it” is even more within reach, but from what I honestly don’t see much “dreaming” at Bucknell, from where I stand. I think Kaku could be a very beneficial speaker to inspire students to think outside the box and take ownership of the future.

  2. Being a business management major, I can honestly say that I would attend a lecture by Michio Kaku. I think Bucknell students are most of time confined to thinking inside the box about ideas and the future, I think Michio Kaku could get students interested with what the future has in store for us and how important it is to dream big. It would be very cool to see a glimpse into the future 50 years from now to get an idea of what we may possibly be living with. I think this speaker would attract many different majors across the Bucknell campus.

  3. I was extremely interested about Kaku after reading your blog post. Being an engineering major I am always interested in technology. The idea of knowing what technology is 50 years from now is absolutely eye boggling. Questions like that arise all the time. We are constantly thinking about what the future will bring and how to tap into a market that will be successful as we move forward. It’s impressive that we haven’t heard more about genius’s such as Kaku. We should have more experiences that lead us to watch clips or hear stories by such brilliant minds. I would love to have Kaku come talk at Bucknell.

  4. This sounds like it would be an amazing lecture! I would definitely attend. Hopefully he would bring some of his technology along with him to show us on stage. I really like interactive speakers. It is so much more engaging than just listening to someone speak to you for 2 hours. I would love to hear his thoughts on how the research at Bucknell will impact the future.

  5. Great post Jesse. I think you really hit on some strong points as to why Kaku would be perfect for Bucknell.

    I really liked the idea of using Kaku as a spark to get Bucknell students to realize everything that is really happening around them. Like you said, we all know Bucknell is a great campus with bright students, but I think we all would benefit from learning about what else this place has to offer. Having someone like Kaku drive home this point would be extremely effective.

    In addition, I think you make some other good points about Kaku in general which make him a good candidate. He is a young, innovative kid with great life experiences to talk about.

    I can only speak for myself, but I really would love to hear this guy talk at Bucknell.

  6. The Discovery show 2057 sounds really cool. I’m amazed (but also a little scared) at how far technology has come in my short lifetime. I’d be really interested to see what it’d be like 40+ years from now! This topic made me think of the popular question… Would you rather live 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future? I say the future, but who knows what life will be like then. Guess I’ll just take it day by day for now. 🙂

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