Chief Justice John G. Roberts and Political Importance

When I started reading the prompt for this week’s blog post, I immediately wanted to write about E.L. James and her new hit book, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” that has recently taken the world by storm. However, once I read the categories, I realized that this was impossible (sadly). Hopefully she will come to campus someday, because I would love to meet her.

After canvassing the categories, I decided to go with the category of ‘Politics and modern media’. I believe this category to be the most important for my generation in particular. Politics has a strong influence on the opinions of citizens, including long-term issues and current affairs. What really scares me is that it seems young people today think little about politics and how it affects them. Moreover, most students that I have spoken with on the subject usually just relay the opinions of their parents (scary!!!!).

Under the category of ‘Politics and Modern Media’, I would like to add Chief Justice John G. Roberts to the list. The Supreme Court Chief Justice has been a reliable conservative for years, until he suddenly switched sides during the highest-stakes Supreme Court case on Obamacare this past summer. By siding with the liberals in a 5 to 4 decision, he was the deciding factor in upholding “the biggest, most expensive, and most significant law President Obama passed while president”. This decision prompted Roberts to arguably become America’s most important judge. At the age of 57, it seems that he is on track to maintaining this status for generations to come. Although it would probably be impossible to bring him to campus, it would still be worth the effort to try (He did speak at Rice University, so there is some hope)!! I would love to hear, first hand, what led to his decision.

He is without a doubt one of the most interesting people (along with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) that I have had the privilege of speaking with. I had the opportunity to meet him (and dance with him) at my older sister’s wedding back in 2009. My sister clerked for Justice Ginsberg, while my brother-in-law clerked for John Roberts. It would be amazing to be able to bring him to campus to talk about his judicial ruling, and his rationale behind the major switch from conservative to liberal views.

It was hard to find him speaking on the subject matter, but I did manage to find his Rice University presentation speech at the following link: 


8 thoughts on “Chief Justice John G. Roberts and Political Importance

  1. What is the source “for biggest…” law? I was unsure if that was meant to be negative or descriptive.

    Some Justices speak in public. I think Justice Kennedy is famous for doing so. Others, Souter, Thomas, famously reclusive.

    The ways that the law shapes digital technologies and is shaped by digital technologies would be very interesting.

    Are you interested in law in general? or healthcare?

    • I come from a family of lawyers. My father is also a lawyer and works in corporate. So as you can imagine I have been born and bred around the subject. I took an excellent law class last semester, but it’s not for me (career wise). I just love staying informed with politics at large (including developments in both law and healthcare).

  2. Uh, so your sister and husband must have some _very_ interesting conversations about the law. You ever heard of Mary Matalin and James Carville (file under opposites attract).

    • You should hear some of the conversations we have at family get togethers…they are very interesting to say the least. I haven’t heard of them. I will look them up now.

      • 🙂 He is a Democratic operative/strategist. She is a Republican one. like Romney and Obama’s campaign managers marrying…

        Well, and they are married…

  3. I agree with your assessment of the current political opinions, or lack thereof, of many college students today. As a political science minor, I have taken a few politics classes that have really helped me to understand our political system better, and I wish more people were educated on this front. It is difficult because many people today do not know the facts or the implications of their ignorance, so they just go off what they have heard or assumed and that kind of decision making hardly ever results in strong decision making. The fact that these uneducated decisions directly determine the direction our country will move in, in regards to all policy areas, is scary!! Anyone have any ideas on how we could possibly assuage the negative consequences of this lack of knowledge?

  4. Justice Roberts would be very interesting to hear speak although I doubt he would ever go into his reasoning (other than his written opinion) to his ruling on the health care law. Not to get to much into politics, but I find the conspiracy theory interesting that he didn’t rule against it to hurt President Obama in his second term election(?). The whole process of passing of the health care law with the use of reconciliation to pass the additional regulations is enough to teach a class on. Just read this article that came out today: Understandable, companies are willing to do anything to save a little money.

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