Guy Kawaski isn’t just Some Guy

This Guy character really knows his way around.  Guy is the co-founder of which is an online magazine rack of popular topics all over the web.  He is also a founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures and previously he was the chief evangelist of Apple.  Guy has also written ten books including: Enchantment, Reality Check, The Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Selling the Dream, and The Macintosh Way.  Aside from being the author of 10 books you might as well say Guy is the author of innovation.   

By no means did Guy have what would be considered a textbook Bucknell lifestyle.  He grew up in a tough part of Honolulu and his parents constantly had to make sacrifices in order to support him.  Upon graduating high school Guy was admitted to Stanford where he studied psychology and then went on to get his MBA at UCLA.  Then, Guy went on to work for Apple where he created a lot of different software and then went on to develop a Macintosh database company known as ACIUS.  This company published a product called 4th Dimension which still remains a great database to this day.

As of now, Guy is a founding partner of Garage and a co-founder of Alltop.  In addition to his business life Guy is a father, author, speaker, and avid hockey fan.  I think it would be amazing to have Guy come as a speaker to Bucknell.   He is someone who is extremely innovative and someone that all Bucknell students have a lot to learn from.  Not only does Guy run his own companies but then he writes about it, and then he teaches you how to write the book and sell it.  This Guy truly is amazing.  Check out this list below of companies that Guy has consulted for or invested in:

Alltop – Stay on top of all the topics.

Evernote – Remember everything.

BagTheWeb – Find, bag, and share websites and articles.

Garage Technology Ventures – Raise venture capital for your tech company. – Publish social-media newspapers.

Sixsense – Control your game like never before.

SocialToo – Engage people at social media sites like Twitter. – Make an Open-Source Twitter for your organization.

StumbleUpon – Find interesting stuff on the web.

TicketLeap – Sell and manage online ticket sales for events.

Triggit – Make real-time bids for online ad space.

Tynt – Trace who’s using your website content.

uStream – Stream video live.

Visible Measures – Monitor how people interact with online video.

Guy is an extremely knowledgeable person who has experiences in many different fields.  In this crucial time of our lives, when we are so close to graduating I think that Guy is someone who could really make an impact on many of us.  He would have suggestions on the course of action we should take and would then go so far as to give advice on how to fulfill these courses of action.  If all this wasn’t enough for you please check out this short video below:

4 thoughts on “Guy Kawaski isn’t just Some Guy

  1. I think that Guy would be able to touch on how he made himself into a great entrepreneur. This should captivate many Bucknellians as there is a large group of students who are interested in creating their own companies. Guy would also have great insight into the media and publishing industry thereby expanding his reach.

  2. I totally agree with you. Not only is Guy and entreprenuear but he is also an author who explains how anyone can take this path if they so desire. I think the fact that he published his ideas and experiences in books is something that will go a long way. If students go and see him then perhaps they will be intrigued to read one of his novels which will only expand their knowledge base.

    • I would love to here Guy come speak here. Some of my favorite speakers that I’ve been to are civil engineering alumni who come back and talk to us about how you can do anything you want with an engineering degree. Many students are close minded about their oppurtunities – that if they graduate with a civil engineering degree – you have to go into civil engineering. In reality, this liberal arts education sets you up to be adaptable to many different work styles. You can truly do anything and Guy could help students better understand and relate to that.

  3. I think that software he did at Apple did something, like, you know, move a mouse around a graphical interface. Which compared to command prompt interaction, is like going from walking to the store to using a helicopter to get there.


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