2013 BGS Blogging Academy Awards

Welcome to the 1st Business Government and Society Academy Awards for Blogging.

After much deliberation and review, the Blog Council has come to our final decisions on all the awards.

Congratulations to all of the winners!



Best Picture (Best blog)



Aliens Do Exist at Bucknell by Jesse Dondero on Michio Kaku

Droids…Are We Moving Towards Utopia or Dystopia? by Shon Trinh on Andrew McAfee

Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants by Megan Cautilli on  Michael Pollan

And the winner for Best Picture is….

Title, links, video, related content, research…This kid really has it all.  Ladies and gentlemen, Shon was not fooling around when he wrote this post.  Shon really showcased his preparation on this one through his flawless writing technique and his in depth knowledge on the subject matter.  This led to a post that was not only knowledgeable but really  drew the audience in as a whole leading Shon to the Best Picture award.  Congratulations!


Best Actor (Best Blog & Comments): Jesse Dondero – Aliens Do Exist at Bucknell

 Best actor

 Jesse Dondero is someone who sets the bar high and just keeps raising it and raising it.  The man starts off with  a strong post and then continues to surface throughout the blog on a weekly basis.  He doesn’t just let his post go to waste, rather he answers questions and manages to find himself stumbling onto other people’s posts and making comments.  This award really isn’t given to someone who can just write a good post.  This award is more for someone who has proven to be an overall allstar in every category with an emphasis on making comments.

Best Actress (Best Blog & Comments – Female): Megan Cautilli – Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants

Best actress

Megan Cautilli comes out to shine once again ladies and gentlemen.  Megan makes her presence early on in the game by starting off with a powerful blog post but then she continues to show up again and again.  Her perseverance and guiding comments really bought her to the top on this one.  

Best Supporting Actor (Best Comment – Male): Kyle Mackrides for comment on Chief Justice John G. Roberts and Political Importance by Kaitlyn Alvino

Sup Actor

 The best male  supporting actor was Kyle Mackrides.  He was able to take Kaitlyn’s post to a whole new level by doing outside research and posting a  link to an article to further reasoning for John G. Roberts.  Way to make the star look good Kyle!

Best Supporting Actress (Best Comment – Female): Ava Giuliano for comment on No One Knows You Better Than Yourself by Jennie Ciotti

 Sup Actress

Ava, you’re long winded comment really bought you to the gold on this one.  All kidding aside, great comment made on Jennie’s post.  You’re comment was fascinating and intelligent all at the same time.  Great research, great form, great execution.   What more could Jennie have asked for?

Best Make-Up (Best Title): Jesse Dondero – Aliens Do Exist at Bucknell

 Make Up (2)

Make up is something that is supposed to attract individuals form an external standpoint without even knowing what is inside.  You’re title really embodies the qualities necessary to get readers attracted to your post.  “Aliens do exist at Bucknell”-who wouldn’t want to read that?

Best Cinematography (Best-looking blog): Mike Muscala – Ric Elias – Enjoying Life


 You really made the post look good on this one Mike.  You didn’t have a whole lot of content, but you dressed up what you had and took it home for the win.  Given what you were working with the audience was dazzled by the final production.

Best Adapted Screenplay (Best blog about individual not on Jordi’s list): Jennie Ciotti – No One Knows You Better Than Yourself 


 Jenni, everyone knows how bad you really want to hear Martin Lindstrom come speak and you’ve finally done it!  After this post, there is no question that Mr. Lindstrom will be paying us a visit soon.  Way to go outside of the box and really blow the audience away with this one.

Best Animated Feature (Best use of videos/images in blog): Stephen Koullias – Bring Us the Neils

Animatd Feature

5 videos.  Couldn’t have asked for more.  You really went above and beyond anything that we have seen in the past with this one.  You’re post really came to life more than any other post out there this week.  You vividly portray exactly what you are writing and for that you receive best animated feature.  Keep it going!

Best Foreign Film: Winners – Di You, Devon Mercer, & Stephanie Wyld

The Blog Council was unable to find these blog posts, so we will assume that they were accidentally posted in a different category or page than Blog 4. Therefore, these posts have landed in an area foreign to our class blog, winning these students the award for Best Foreign Film.


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