Session 5 Snaps

Snap Word: Robust  definition d is the most relevant for us.

Snap Style: Avoid nominalizations.  Ironically, it is one.  If you can use more direct language, do so.  Sometimes, especially in social science, we need them.  I used “financialization” to describe ow Enron is linked to the Great Recession.  No other word can really do.  Williams (Style) discusses this on pg 35.

Not good use of nominalization:

The short-termization of the economy is causing companies to make decision contrary to stakeholders’ best interests.

Better version of this sentence:

As businesspeople further adopt short-term thinking, they make decisions contrary to stakeholders’ interests.

Ok use of a nominalization:

Short-termism is rampant in the financial sector.

Snap Ethics: Maker’s Mark, the bourbon producer, is weakening its product from 45% bourbon to 42%.  They are not changing the price.  They claim it is necessary to meet demand.  They also adopt what seems an ethical stance, maybe?

“”We don’t want to price Maker’s Mark out of reach,” he wrote.  (From USA Today article).

Is this good ethics to not raise price?  Is it poor ethics to weaken the product?  Does it matter if no one notices the difference?

Marketing thoughts?


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