2013 Olympic Medal Ceremony: Track and Field

Welcome to the 2013 Olympic Award Ceremony for Track and Field!

The Decathlon Medal

This medal is for the the student who we felt did the best in every category: content, writing skills, style, grammar, and storytelling. This writer excelled in every event that he tackled, and by doing so wins the award for the best blog this week.   The award goes to:

DJ Rowe – Managing the Madness of a 20 Year Old Over Night Millionaire

The Showmanship Medal

This medal spotlights a blogger who has demonstrated her superb showmanship ability through her artistic blogging style.  She used a neon pink font color, which not only stood out to the judges, but also showed her creativity in design.

And the medal goes to…

Florence Griffith-Joyner (Flo Jo) – One of the Fastest Olympic Runners… with a little flare

 Kaitlyn Alvino – Strategy or Ethics?

The Best Sprinter Medal

This incredible award goes to the student who had the best beginning of their blog.  This person started their blog strong with a great beginning that captured the readers attention and hooked them right from the start.  The medal goes to…

Frank Berman – Brain Damage: Ethical?

The Steeple Chase Medal

This medal goes to the student who was not afraid to get a little dirty in his post, not only in language but in content as well. The quote that stood out the most to us was “He ignores the negative energy and continues to be a positive player who does not do stupid shit. What I am trying to say is…Where sports fans realize it or not, they like assholes.”  This medal is awarded to…


Mike Muscala – Sports Fan Love Assholes

The Shot Put Medal

This medal is awarded to the student who hit us in the gut with the most emotional and heartwarming post.  This blog addressed many ethical issues that really hit home and the video made us very emotional.  This award goes to…

Sal Vallala – Sports Ethics vs. Competition

The High Jump Award

This medal is given to the student who reached a whole new bar with his post. Both in his personal story and his analysis we felt he reached a new height that showed off his potential as a blogger.

And the winner is…

Kelly Morque – How College Tennis Corrupted Me

The Long Distance Medal

This medal is awarded to the blogger who was willing to be most aggressive in his post.  He was willing to make bold strives to win the race. We felt that he continually wrote an entertaining and thought provoking blog.

The winner is…

Vinny Cinotti – No Harm, No Foul?

The Viewers Choice Medal

This medal is given to the person who has received the highest ratings from his blogging peers this week.  He received the most votes (7) at four and a half stars.  This prestigious medal is awarded to…

Kelly Morque – How College Tennis Corrupted Me

Cameramen Medals

These medals are awarded to the students who added the most videos to their blogs – to the point where they let the video coverage do most of the talking.  This award goes to…

Stephen Koullias and Shon Trinh

The Super Fans Medal

This medal is given to the students who wrote the best comments this week, not only in length, but also in content and their use of blogging techniques.  And the winners are…

Mike Layman, DJ Rowe , and Vinny Cinotti

The Yellow Card Award

This award goes to the student who showed up a little late for the race  and therefore barely placed!  However, this student gave a very detailed blog and proved to us that slow and steady can win the race.

The medal is awarded to…

Di You – Sick Soccer Betting in China

And last but not least…

The Disqualified Medal

This medal goes to the person who, for whatever reason, was unable to make it to the races this week.  This medal goes to…

Devon Mercer


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