Sick Soccer Betting in China


When I was in primary school, people were so proud of the several famous soccer players in China. People even made stories for them. However, soccer betting started since 2006 and it hurt Chinese Football’s reputation.

Back to 206 BC, China had invented the game Soccer, which was the game people separated into two teams and kicking a stitched leather ball. Today the modern version of soccer attracts more fans in China. However, a soccer gambling ring formed in China. The gambling pyramid usually has three levels of hierarchy. On the top of the pyramid are the overseas gambling corporations. They usually organize the soccer betting in China in order to earn profits. On the secondary level are the heads of Soccer Clubs. They are the manipulators in China mainland of gambling corporations. They also acted as the intermediaries, who have tight connections with captains of soccer teams and referees. Normally, these intermediaries are familiar with strength and weakness of soccer players in each soccer team. The lowest level is made of soccer players. They wait for the requests from intermediaries about the results of matches prior to the beginning of matches. To manipulate the results of matches through bribery is the main exchange rule of the circle. For example, intermediaries would have meetings with players to announce the bet price and match results. Players would have commissions if they perform the announced results.


Gambling is completely banned in China. I think gambling is a way of entertainment but soccer betting is different. Sports should be fair, regardless of ethnic, gender, nationality, age and fortune, and be apart of business. One of the examples is the World Cup. The World Cup is an international football association. It brings people from different countries together and offers a platform to pursue the same goal on the football field. I think the ethics in sports cannot be tied to ethics in business Ethics in sports should be based on absolute fairness. It has no connection with stock prices, political issues, and economic environment and employment situations. On the contrary, people can easily cross the ethical bottom-line in business unlike in sports. Ethics in business is totally different. It relates with profits of shareholders and stakeholders. For example, in the Apple case, Apple, Inc. was unethical because of the harsh working condition in its Chinese factories. So, ethics problem is more complicated with business.

The following attachment is the link of report about Chinese soccer betting:


7 thoughts on “Sick Soccer Betting in China

  1. I liked how you connected sports ethics and business ethics here, but do you really think they are so different? While I agree, they are situationally very different, do you think there is some universal underlying code of ethics that applies to everything? Or is it very dependent on the circumstance?

  2. Interesting, I was not aware of this. In some ways it is similar to the Japanese sumo wrestlers throwing matches so the other wrestler may reach the required number of wins where they get extra benefits and a better salary.

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  5. It is really sad to see that people have to sink to such low levels when it comes to sports, but I guess that is a problem that we just have to live with if we want to have both of them. I just hope the officials are doing something to be able to prevent these things in the future. Hopefully the amount you can make on fixing matches becomes smaller in relation to the amount you make playing, that would destroy the incentive to cheat.


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