Some people never learn

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Some of you might be wondering, “what the fuck has AIG been up too?”  I was curious after numerous class discussions and articles about whether or not they had gotten themselves into any more casual $182 billion bailouts.  The AIG I knew was mainly busy hedging bets on risky derivatives and being one of the major contributions to the 2008 economic crisis!  Way to be a team player AIG.

Well, apparently recently AIG has been busy trying to be a ‘good two shoes’.  In an article from this year, I read about the stir amongst colleagues, students, and community members regarding the new Center of Ethics, Law, and Society at Sonoma State University in Northern California.  However, the most central to its concern was where the funding had come from along with the further corporatization of public higher education.

You might want to take a seat for this one.  Apparently, AIG have two thirds of the first years funding towards the facility.  Who knows what AIG had up their sleeve with this one.   With AIG’s past ethics it would seem that AIG is just one more powerhouse leaping at the chance to further privatize SSU and influence the education it offers students.  One educator stated, “We are fools when we allow them access to our children and our schools.”  This educator believes that these mega corporations simply want access into resources and new markets.  The last thing they desire is for the actual benefit of these children.  Basically, corporations fund money into public education in order to try and meet their corporate goals.  This had led to corporations buying their way into universities and unfortunately most are too scared to stand up against this due to the lack of job availability now a days.

This article more or less made me laugh.  AIG has realized that ethics holds a great deal of importance to individuals in society.  Unfortunately, ethics still is not a word found in AIG’s corporate handbook.  Sure, they’ve cleaned up their act a bit and made themselves look better because they’ve had too.  Who wouldn’t after a $182 billion bailout.

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2 thoughts on “Some people never learn

  1. This is a shocking piece of news to read because I did not expect AIG to go down this avenue. I would have thought that AIG would have laid relatively low since the $182 billion bailout. This seems like a publicity stunt with the purpose to further AIG’s influence into education. I was somewhat comforted at the remark made by the professor because I was afraid while reading the blog that no one would stand up to the large corporation. It is sad to think that AIG is buying their way into the educational sector and this is one of the last things that I want from a company that the public recently bailed out.


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