Nathan for You?

Ok, students, help me out.

This is not real is it?

Nathan For You on Comedy Central.


2 thoughts on “Nathan for You?

  1. I think that this guy’s an asshole. A large part of me is going to assume that the “pranks” are at least somewhat staged, and not actually damaging people’s lives. Even on that assumption, it’s still presented as real, which I think is not okay in the slightest. Comedy relies on straddling a fine line, and it appears that he’s crossed it.

    On a side note, the haunted house bit reminded me of this:

  2. Oh, he is an ass. But doesn’t it in the process skewer much of business?

    I share your concern about staging and pranking “civilians.” But can we know? I find the veil of secrecy around “reality” shows annoying. If they see the final product and sign off on it, ok. Their choice. If they are deceived, then it is troubling, to me.


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