Blog Prompt 7- Conspiracies: Do They Exist?

Nicolas Cage

Conspiracy theories pervade today’s society. Every time a notable event occurs in society there is sure to be a conspiracy theory trailing right behind. These theories include everything from the US government destroying the World Trade Center themselves to the band members of Led Zeppelin selling their souls to the devil. For this week’s blog you get to choose one of the three prompts below:

1) Create your own conspiracy theory.  For example, perhaps you have a theory as to where the socks all go from the dryer, why sequels are usually so bad, why the banks were bailed out, or why the dinosaurs _really_went extinct.  Feel free to be as serious or light-hearted as you like.

2) Share one you find interesting with your views on its authenticity (or why it is so widespread).

3) Discuss conspiracy theories in general.  Why are they popular?  What makes for an effective conspiracy theory?  You should include in this topic some small amount of research into “why” they exist.

For inspiration take a look at Alex’s blog post from last week: KEN LAY IS ALIVE.

Contest- who can get the most views?

This week there will be a special award for whoever gets the most views.  A view is when someone clicks on to your actual post.  For example, if you click on our blog stats, you can see “top authors” and “top posts.”  The”top” there is measuring views.  As of today, the top posts of last seven days are (minus the “home” page):

Would You Buy a Paper? 23
Blog Council 6- Great Writing and Our Reach 15
“The Narrative Doesn’t End:” Mike Daisey, Truth, Art, and a Phone Call 11
Blog 6 Prompt: Where are they now? 9
Managing the Madness of a 20-year-old Overnight Millionaire 8
Gamesmanship vs. Sportsmanship, the Ethics of Sports 8
Mascot Revenge 7
Social Ethics vs Business Ethics 7

Your goal is to be in the #1 slot for this week.

Reward: one week off of blogging or +2 points on your final grade, whichever you prefer (they are roughly equivalent.)

Tips: promote your post on all social media, by email, use tags, use the “zemanta” extra content to link to other posts.


5 thoughts on “Blog Prompt 7- Conspiracies: Do They Exist?

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  2. ​PS- What is up with spooky Nicolas Cage image and, Cage trivia, what famous Hollywood family is he related to (Cage is not his real surname?)​

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