Common astronomical event or alien invasion?

Russian meteor

Russian meteor

In the past couple of weeks, I have been entertained by the conspiracy theories that have arisen from the recent meteorite crash in Russia. Just in case someone hasn’t heard about the crash, here is a recap: On February 15th, a 10-ton meteor exploded in the sky as it pummeled through Earth’s atmosphere and eventually landed in Russia. The hundreds of reported injuries were mainly due to wounds from broken glass. Immediately following the incident, different theories began to pop up regarding the “true” meaning behind the crash. An imminent alien invasion was among the most popular of these theories.

I came across an interesting article that summed up the four best conspiracy theories about the Russian meteorite. Read about each of the following theories and then vote on which one you would most likely support if I forced you to pick one:

  1. The Mayan apocalypse conspiracy theory. This theory insists that any natural disaster since December 21, 2012 is just more proof supporting  the Mayan “end-of-the-world” thesis. Since the world did not in fact come to an end on that fateful day in December, promoters of the theory now insist that December 21st was not actually the end of the world but it represented the beginning of a new age of disasters and cosmic catastrophes.
  2. Weapons-test conspiracy theory. This theory claims that the meteor was shot down by a Russian missile, which would explain the meteorite breakup. The missile allegedly blew the meteor to pieces at an altitude of 20 kilometers. Then upon examining the meteorite pieces, there is evidence of a new weapon. So now it is also believed that the Americans are testing new weapons.
  3. The alien invasion conspiracy theory. According to this theory, the meteorite impact is the beginning of an alien invasion. The whole crash was the first stage of an interstellar attack.
  4. The meteor was sent by God conspiracy theory.  This theory claims that the meteor was a sign or a warning sent by God. God often sends people signs via natural forces so it is a reminder that we live in a fragile and unpredictable world.

Now that you have heard the top contenders for the conspiracy theories surrounding the crash, let me know which theory you would most likely support, assuming that you need to pick one of them:

If you are curious to learn more about the Russian meteorite, here is an article that debunks most of the conspiracy theories that surround the crash. As an astronomy TA here at Bucknell, I find this sort of news interesting. You can probably tell by the tone of my writing that I find no authenticity in any of the theories but still am amused to read about the new angles that people come up with. Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Personally, my favorite is the alien attack one.


5 thoughts on “Common astronomical event or alien invasion?

  1. I enjoyed your choice of conspiracy theory. Space always kind of freaks me out and the fact that large objects can just fall out of the sky is terrifying. It’s interesting to read all of the theories behind this incident. Sometimes I wonder how people come up with these crazy conspiracies. I hope that the Mayan’s are wrong!

  2. I really liked that your blog forced us to pick one of the four conspiracy theories regarding the meteorite crash in Russia. For me it was very tough to believe any one of the four theories. Maybe it’s because they didn’t have enough evidence to back them up or because I don’t trust conspiracy theories. I ultimately went with the Americans testing new weapons cause to me its the only one that’s actually plausible. The other were far too out there. To me it interesting that these conspiracies exist and I wonder whether when we are older we will have answers to the questions posed by the theories. Thinking about it really toys with your brain. I guess we’ll have to wait and see……

  3. It is hard to disprove that it wasn’t God. What is he/she reminding us of?

    I went with Alien invasion too. Maybe it was an Alien Invasion directed by a Mayan God to destroy the earth, but the USA shot it down with our Obliviator Laser gun! F*** Yeah!

    Battleship 2!

    Hollywood, I am ready. Call me.


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