One small step for man, requires one giant leap of faith

One of the greatest moments in human history is believed to be a hoax. A major event for the human race was when the United States’ Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969. Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to the Moon for the United States and the world. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to step onto the surface of the Moon. Around 500 million people worldwide watched this event, which made it the largest television audience for a live broadcast during that time. This was a huge event throughout the world as many people awed at the technology that allowed humans to finally land on the moon. Ever since this major event in history occurred, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not it was a hoax. While there is a lot of discredited discrepancies, there is a great deal of believable evidence that makes some scholars still believe that the 1969 Apollo moon landing was a conspiracy. Here is part one of a famous conspiracy program by Fox that blames the government for the faking of the moon landing in 1969:

The conspiracy theory prompted the release of the 1978 film called Capricorn One, in which the government fooled the country by faking the mission to the moon. Fox television even aired a program called “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?” The part one of the program was viewed over one million times on youtube. Most scholars believe that there were astronauts in Apollo 11, but they simply orbited the earth for 8 days. At the same time, NASA showed fake pictures to the American public to make it seem like the trip was real. While others believe that half way to the moon, the astronauts would have died from deadly radiation. Conspirators believe that there are major inconsistencies in footage supplied by NASA. The major inconsistencies in the footage were that the stars were missing from the sky, the American flag flapped on the moon even though there is air or wind on the moon, there is artificial lighting in the photographs taken on the moon and no blast crater beneath the lunar lander. The no blast crater is one of the biggest evidence in supporting the notion that the 1969 moon landing is a hoax. A powerful rocket engine blasted onto the moon and left no mark on the moon? At the same time, human footprints made a major imprint surrounding the ship and there was no dust on the foot pads. The many images taken on journey were examined and found to be staged. It is believed that NASA certainly had the resources to recreate the event in a television studio or in Area 51. Was getting to the moon first so important that the US government would consider faking it? This major event took place during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was believed that the country who won the space race would win the Cold War. Getting to the moon first meant winning the space race.

Of course NASA dismisses the charges completely. There are strong opinions on both sides. In 2002, when Bart Sibrel, a conspiracy theorist, confronted Buzz Aldrin about faking the moon landing, the 72 year old, at the time, punched Sibrel in the jaw. While I do think that some parts of the video can be believable, I do agree with NASA that the 1969 Apollo moon landing was not a hoax and it was real. Honestly I think it was impossible for NASA to have faked such a worldwide historical event.  My opinion is just one person and there will always be people who argue for the conspiracy of the moon landing in 1969. I never even thought, before writing this blog, that this conspiracy was so well known. I think it is pretty popular because the event was a huge moment in history. There are conspiracy theories for just about every major event, from the Sandy Hook shooting to JFK’s assassination. It is believed that 20% of Americans believed at one point that we never went to the moon, are you one of them?


8 thoughts on “One small step for man, requires one giant leap of faith

  1. It was very interesting to read your blog post. I particularly enjoyed your ending and the statistic that 20% of Americans at some point believed we never went to the moon. Whether or not I am part of that 20% is decided purely by your blog. Till now I never heard any conspiracy theories about the moon landing – mainly because I don’t read enough. I probably would be part of that 20% but I have faith in myth busters and trust in the video Steph posed above. So am I part of the 20% – for now no – I’m part of the 80%.

  2. Like, what ON EARTH (ha ha) would be the motivation? Why go to such elaborate lengths? And if it were a hoax perpetrated with a cold war mentality (to get there first), why wouldn’t the USSR try hard to dispute it?

  3. We landed on the Moon. Fair and simple. My grandmother saw Apollo 11 take off. She described the ship as a flaming bullet into space and into history. If the government really invested that much into a real rocket ship, put it on public display, the film the rest on some set, ridiculous. All just to show up the Russians? No, we had bigger issues, like possible nuclear attack to worry about. All these missions in the end was America one upping Russia because they launched the first satellite into space. We were really there, but it was more of a middle finger to the Soviet Union than a conspiracy.

  4. Great post! I considered writing about this topic for my blog post this week, and what I found most interesting was that the Moon landing hoax originated in a book, “We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle.” No one really questioned the story until this book was released. All it took was one author to write that it was a conspiracy theory for people to start seriously questioning the story. Even with concrete evidence, such as rock samples and photographic evidence, people still believe that landing on the moon is a conspiracy.

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