Do You Believe In Miracles?

When I first read the prompt for this week, I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I HATE conspiracy theories. To me, all conspiracy theorists are is a bunch of idiots propagating uneducated opinions and ideas, with just enough appeal to a vulnerable society to create a following similar to lemmings. But alas, I thought of one way to make this post interesting: by googling hockey conspiracy theories. And what do you know, there’s even a top 15. The most significant and interesting one to me though, questions the Miracle that occurred February 22, 1980. This wasn’t just another of my mother’s or George Washington’s birthdays, this was the day that Team USA beat the Soviets in the Olympics on our own soil. This was the greatest day of the Cold War Era. This was the greatest game in the the history of hockey. AND THEORISTS THINK THERE WAS A CONSPIRACY BEHIND THIS WIN?!?! Screw em. Even bleacher report analysts find it hard to believe that the miracleSoviets would throw a gold medal in hockey just to appease President Carter and convince the US not to boycott the Moscow Olympics.

Reading this conspiracy theory set me off on a rampage to defend my nation and the integrity of the greatest game in the world: I needed to watch Miracle. I was very angry when I could not find the movie online for free, but I found an even better documentary featuring the actual members on both sides of the 1980 teams (part 1, part 2, and part 3) that won’t embed on this blog due to its settings but you should watch if you are at all interested in the actual history not spun by Disney. However, Kurt Russell gives us a pretty good idea of the situation at hand:

And attack they did. The US did not face the Soviets until the medal round when they needed a little extra inspiration to take on the best team in the world:

Yes, the Russians were a great hockey team. No argument there. But there is no doubt in my mind that the US college kids beat those “God damn Commies” fair and square and I’m pretty sure this is what Herb Brooks would have some choice words to say to any doubters (see 25 seconds in):


8 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Miracles?

  1. I really loved your blog post. Your post really showed your passion for the game of Hockey and for the miracle that occurred on February 22nd 1980. I know I have watched this movie before and was really moved by the movie. The Russians were unstoppable in Hockey at the time and the Americans winning was pretty revolutionary. It seems that today any momentous game, event, or change is rebutted by some conspiracy theory somewhere. I agree that I definitely don’t believe the theory against this game. The Americans won – The Russians lost – that’s the end of the story. Conspiracies will always exist but the truth prevails. Also really liked the clips – very inspiring stuff.

    • It did surprise me though to find out that the Soviet hockey players were technically soldiers and sponsored by the government, which made me hesitate before dismissing the conspiracy theories immediately and still question the possibility. They were so systematic, so good, how could they lose such an important game? Why was the best goaltender in the world on the bench when the Americans scored the game winning goal? Crazy…

  2. Do you think you put enough videos in this post? Just kidding, nice job, really enjoyed all of the clips. However, I am not totally against the idea that this was a conspiracy. There is so much bullshit that goes on in sports that it takes away the true integrity of the game on many levels. I once read an article explaining how coaches and managers of teams fed their cyclists steroids without them even knowing to produce better results. Talk about ethics right? Anyway, with all of this going on I can’t completely rule out that the government didn’t have some hand in this. Convince me? Also, you should check out my post on the lottery because it’s really interesting and you’ll probably win if you read it.

  3. I’d humbly submit the best day in the Cold War was November 9, 1989 when the Berlin wall fell peaceably without traditional or nuclear warfare.

    Still, a great game.

  4. ^ Incredible speech.
    It’s funny how many scandals and conspiracy theories revolve around Olympic sports. Apparently at the LA Olympics the South Koreans suspected the United States of rigging the boxing decisions and in turn conspired to cheat US boxer Roy Jones Jr out of the gold, four years later in Seoul.

    • the best 🙂 I almost included the Joshua video but figured most people wouldn’t actually get it… and I already had too many videos

  5. First of all, I loved that you wrote your blog about hockey! (Clearly I’m a hockey fan too based on my gravatar/icon..) I think it is CRAZY that people believe the Soviets would throw a gold medal opportunity away in an effort to appease the President. I don’t think throwing a hockey game would completely satisfy the President; there are more important issues he has to worry about in his position. I have no doubt that the Americans pulled out a true win that day!
    PS. Awesome use of links and media throughout your blog!

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