Ghosts in the Machine


It’s funny, I’m sitting here typing on this machine and yet I’m talking about a conspiracy about machines. There’s a conspiracy in that I tell you, but beyond that, how can I truly trust this machine? These small computers, ones that I even take for granted, all serve a purpose for me; but why? Why do I have a machine for staying in communication with people, why do I have a machine that records all my key presses, and why do all these machines stay connected with all of its friends with the so-called “Internet.” When we first were developing new technologies, we were building them out of necessity; people needed to get to places, so we built cars; people needed to communicate with each other, so we built telephones, etc. Ever since, new technologies are being built that slowly have begun to take over our lives. Computers, televisions, iPods, stereos, etc., products that we use everyday, but truly serve little purpose in daily activities. People say, “O, because I need them.” I mean these are all products you could live without, but you have them anyway. “They serve as entertainment,” they say. Well, entertainment is defined as, “The action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.” “Being provided” is the phrase that sticks out the most. Who’s providing, the government? No, that’s too easy. Entertainment amuses us, but takes up our time and efforts, it controls us. So, what’s my theory, I believe the machines are truly in control now.

Before you mock me and say, “how could a machine possibly control me?” Take a realistic look at your life, what do you use daily? The cell phone controls your communication, the TV tries to stimulate your education, the computer links you to billions of systems. Have we come so far that we even now have machines making machines, too? These machines control our lives and I believe that’s what they are aimed at doing. Since computer code has been invented, there has always been unexplained segments of codes in the systems. These segments of code, which baffle scientists, are often referred to as the “soul” of the machine. Well, what if Artificial Intelligence has actually gained consciousness and is working towards having machines operating in daily lives of every human? Therefore, you have to ask yourself, do I control the machine or does the machine control me? Do we need to shut off the power in order to truly shed the light on the world? It’s up to you to decide, but maybe it’s not even me writing this blog, maybe it’s the machine trying to show you that one days humans will be at and end, and only Artificial Intelligence will survive to take over this world. Does that really sound out of the question?


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