Have you bought the tickets of Arc


2012 is an American science fiction film depicts the natural disasters caused by the global warming happened around the world and people escaped through Ark, which was built in Tibet, in the southwest Chinese Himalayas. The movie starts with the collapse of Los Angeles into Pacific Ocean, eruption of Yellowstone Caldera and tsunamis in Asia. Hundreds millions of people died while the top wealthy people heads to the boat, Ark, in Tibet. The tickets cost one billion euro per person.

I was wondering if government actually built an Ark in somewhere mystery like Tibet. I understand it sounds crazy but the global warming is getting worse. For example, if the ice in Arctic Sea continues to melt, leaving the sea ice-free during the summer, as projected for sometimes within the next several decades, the heat balance of change would change dramatically. Also, the increase of water temperature would lead to the increase in the frequency and intensity of storms and hurricanes.  I think government might have emergency policies to cope with the extreme environmental disasters that might happen in the future. Scientists keep exploring the new planet like earth. NASA has listed a total of 461 new planets as the new planet candidates.  Kepler space telescope has found a yellow star, Kepler-22b, might be earth-like.  The most similar one is KOI-172.02, a super Earth-size planet. Why do scientists keep looking for the new earth-like planet? It is a project costs billions of government funding.  Are they looking for the Plan B just in case if the earth cannot sustain the exploration and pollution from human? It means governments do prepare for the day like the end of  Earth in film 2012.

Chinese government built airports and railroads in Tibet even though government overcame extreme engineering difficulties caused by the special geography in Tibet. One of the airports called Nyingchi Mainling Airport only run around 100 days a year and only deports flights in the morning because of harsh natural factors. Why does government build a non-profitable airport with high risks? On one hand, Chinese government may intend to strengthen the control over Tibet. On another hand, government may construct important “things” in Tibet.

Do you believe in the Arc?

The following is an Arc built by a Chinese last year:




4 thoughts on “Have you bought the tickets of Arc

  1. Very interesting. From watching a documentary on the Kennedy family, I know that during the Kennedy administration they had a bunker that could house the President and his advisors, the US House of Representatives, and Congress. Basically the country would be run from under ground in the event of a nuclear attack or major disaster of some sort. Anything is possible!

  2. I’ve actually seen this movie and I remember really liking it. I like the possible conspiracy that you pointed out about building that non-profitable airport in the risky location of Tibet. Perhaps this movie is more realistic than we think it is. Also, the current earth-like planets that we have discovered so far that may be able to sustain life are so many light years away. This poses a huge problem for us. Escaping earth is probably not the answer… On a side note, another enjoyable movie that is similar to the story behind 2012, is Wall-E. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend watching the film!


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