I hope I don’t get killed for writing this…

For years my favorite conspiracy theory has surrounded the Skull & Bones Society. This society, which has been around since 1832, has had members ranging from presidents of the United States to Supreme Court justices and other heads of state. In order to become a member of the Skulls you must attend Yale, be noteworthy on campus, generally come from a powerful background, and be a junior. Furthermore, of Yale’s vast student body, only 15 people per year are selected to become a member of the society. If you cannot already tell, the society is incredibly selective and secretive.

However, there are facets about the Sculls which no one knows. We do know that there is a large endowment which is used to maintain the Skulls’ island retreat as well as help new members build a stronger future. What we don’t know is how large that endowment is, what kind of help members receive, and what actually goes on within the walls of the Tomb (another name used for their hall). Skulls are also supposed to live by the motto: “a scull above the rest.” The idea behind the motto is that in any circumstance, when you must make a decision that benefits a Skull or someone else, you must side with a Skull. Here is where the conspiracy theories begin to play a part.

It is no secret that John Kerry and George H.W. Bush were both in the society when they attended Yale. What is amazing, though, is both men were running for president at the same time, and that no matter who won there would be a society member in office. It is conspired that this was an intentional move by the Skulls in order to have a position to appoint other members to high ranking positions within the US Government. This led to some Skull members being appointed to the CIA as well as high positions throughout the government. Examples of the Skulls depth and influence in American culture is everywhere, even Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons was a Skull.

Thinking about how large of a role this society has played at an old institution like Yale has led me to think whether or not there is a similar society here at Bucknell. There are certainly a group of alumni who have achieved many incredible feats and have infiltrated positions which have an impact on society. It is a fun game to think, who at Bucknell would be a member of a secret society and where, if anywhere, can we see the signs of one that might exist.


3 thoughts on “I hope I don’t get killed for writing this…

  1. If it is so secretive at Bucknell that you don’t know if it exists, then it is too secretive for its own good. Like, ahem, interesting lingerie, the secrecy has to cover up what you are very interested in finding…

    File under analogies I shouldn’t make. 😉

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