Jay-Z and Beyonce Work for the Devil!


              One of the oldest conspiracy theories around is the Illuminati Conspiracy theory. This conspiracy consists of an international elitist group of influential political and financial leaders who worship Satan. They are the pulling the string every behind major world event and are planning to establish one world order. Under this world order, the anti-Christ will trick everyone into believing he is the Messiah and will take people to heaven, but really takes them to hell. Members of this secret organization are super powerful people in our society that sold their souls to become famous and powerful in return to help set up the world for the anti-Christ. These people make up the rules and regulations that presidents and world leaders follow. The Illuminati controls the media, government, armies, banks, financial system and essentially, the world. Overall, the Illuminati is behind everything

According to Illuminati theorists, the Illuminati’s control of the West is apparent every day. For example, illuminati symbols are apparent on American money. The main symbol, a triangle with an eye, is apparent one every 1$ dollar bill. In addition, you can fold a 20$ bill in a certain way you can see both the pentagon and the world trade center’s burning. Not only that, but the numerical data of 9/11 is 20 like the dollar bill that the forecast the event (9+11= 20). This shows the illuminati power because they control the financial system and created the money knowing this would happen. Not just politics and terror, the illuminati are also apparent in our media through celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Modanna, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Justin Bieber, the beetles and many more. Although never coming out and stating it, they reveal their membership through different symbols on clothes, covering one eye or by making a triangle with both hands or a “6” with a single hand by connecting their thumb and index finger.

Lady Gaga on seperate occasions                   

Do I believe that a secret membership of elitists control everything in our society? The answer is no. I do not think it is possible for one organization to have that much power to rule the world. Just because some celebrities flashed a symbol does not mean that the illuminati exists. Hell, it is the celebrities’ job to attract attention to themselves. Celebrities do it just because they want to raise the question to people that they might be in the illuminati to attract more attention onto them.

Once a theory like this makes some correlation with a random fact people all of the sudden believe it. For example, just because the dollar bill can be folded into a specific orientation that the world trade centers on fire doesn’t mean the illuminati exists. You can fold a dollar bill a million different ways, it is not that surprising you could find one that somehow correlates to the Illuminati. In addition, these conspiracy theories present the information with dramatic music and effects that highly dramatize the evidence. Look at the video I provided, it has dramatic music and pictures that can seem very convincing. However, the only pictures provided were celebrities. There were no politicians, presidents, generals, CEO’s… merely, celebrities that’s job is to entertain. Overall, we need to critically analyze conspiracies and not just believe them because they make some correlation between random facts.


7 thoughts on “Jay-Z and Beyonce Work for the Devil!

  1. Jay Z addressed this in his book “Decoded” (fantastic read, highly recommended). While doing an in depth analysis of his song D’Evils, he goes off on a tangent about how people pick and choose lyrics to use as “evidence” of his devil worship. The way he writes about it, one could infer that Jay finds all this nonsense annoying and sad. On the contrary, new up and coming rappers make attempts to tease theorists into labeling their music the work of the Illuminati. Check out the first 10 seconds of this A$AP Rocky video:

    “Ok, c’mon now A$AP, what will people think?” The desired effect of using Illuminati references is strong reaction from the audience, be it perceived as a literal symbol to some Satanic organization or be it perceived as a figurative symbol to an elitist, secretive, high society.

  2. I agree with your statement that it’s a “celebrities jobs to attract attention to themselves.” I’m sure Beyonce and Jay Z are aware that they are considered by many to be associated with the Illuminati, and maybe this was just her way of getting some extra media. The photo you chose is perfect – she looks so mischievous! If the organization did exist, and she and her husband were among the 1% that are members, would she really make it so obvious on television with millions of viewers watching? I doubt it.

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  4. Although the idea that one group could have so much power to rule the world is far fetched. One could say the same thing about God. Only a true believer in Christ could see through what you consider to be ridiculous rumors. I personally believe that this practice is real and their Powers grow off of people that think like you. It’s easy to doubt whats perceived to be impossible.

  5. You are extremely nieve! Are you trying to convince yourself because you can watch YouTube videos of both Beonce and Jz. interviews. Never mind what otbers say; listen to what they say.


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