Peyton Manning had a “Higher” Calling

Peyton Manning only went to the Denver Broncos because he had ridiculous inside information and was looking to make bank.  Let’s take a look back at Peyton Manning’s “tough” decision during the off-season.  If you can recall, Mr. Manning was unfortunately the victim of a neck and spine injury and forced to undergo neck fusion surgery.  Then, the Colts released him and replaced him with the young, goofy-looking Andrew Luck.  Now, one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the game was without a job.  So what were his options?

I can remember he had it down to a few options, with the 49er’s being one that appealed to me the most.  They had an amazing offensive line to protect the fragile man, a great receiving core, and an effective running game.  On top of that, they had one of the best defenses in the league.  The team was even located in sunny San Fran.  But where did he end up going? Freakin’ Denver.  Denver?! Out of all the options he chooses the place stained by the image of Tim Tebow.  But why the Denver Broncos?  I have some ideas of my own.

Lets look at some of the suspicious activity after he signed with Denver.  He signs a deal to own 21 Papa John’s restaurants in the area.  Papa Johns? Is he really this bad at choosing teams and restaurants? Papa Johns is not a top notch pizza place, at least for me, so who eats this stuff?  To me, the only people who eat it are either starving to death or high off their asses.  Wait a second….what happened not too long after?  Oh, thats right, marijuana was legalized in the state for recreational use.  That sounds like he had some inside information.  With all the stoners walking around looking to satisfy their munchies, Papa Johns will probably rake in millions on sales past 10 PM and on small items like cheese sticks and cinnapies.  If they just had delivery they would be perfect.  It sounds like Manning had the inside source telling him how to grow his money, and I now can’t blame him for his decision.  Once he retires he can go to San Fran and live off Papa Johns profits for the rest of his life.  Peyton Manning only joined the Broncos because he had a chance for “higher” profits.


3 thoughts on “Peyton Manning had a “Higher” Calling

  1. Not to mention the fact that he was recovering from a painful neck sugery! I really think you’re on to something Vinny….or on something. Either way, with a recent ESPN report stating 70 percent of players who were at the NFL combine admitted to having used pot and another report in the Detroit News claiming 50% of NFL smoke pot, this conspiracy theory could have some legs. I’m intrigued.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. I was also very surprised when I found out that Manning decided to go to snowy Denver. I do not know what persuaded him more the potential of legalizing pot or John Elway? Manning is just one of 50 athletes who signed with a franchise in the last past years, which I thought was very interesting. I guess a 5 year $96 million football contract isn’t going to secure the financial future that Manning wanted… but Papa Johns will?


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