Zero Dark DIRTY ;)

First of all, can I take credit for this trend of provocative (read: swear words) blog post titles?  🙂

Now, onto my CONSPIRACY THEORY.   I, like several others of you have stated, don’t believe in too many conspiracy theories.  I watched a documentary about how 9/11 was a hoax back in high school and I thought that was pretty well done and believable, but I feel like most of the theories out there (Sandy Hook, Illuminati, Moon landing) are such a ‘stretch’!  So, I’m not going to argue that Osama bin Laden wasn’t killed by the U.S. Military in May of 2011 in this post.  Instead, I will just explain what the theories are – and let y’all decide if they’re legit or not.

If you didn’t understand my blog post title, it is a play on the movie Zero Dark THIRTY.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.  It was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, the same woman who directed The Hurt Locker.  It was also nominated for an Oscar!  Anyway, the movie details the *supposed* takedown of the infamous Osama bin Laden by a dedicated woman in the CIA and a top secret, extra tactical US Navy Seal team.  Throughout the movie, you see the difficulty of locating bin Laden because of his limited and secretive communication with others in al Qaeda and within his family.  The actual raid of his compound only makes up about a half-hour of the movie, but there is definitely a scene of the Seals shooting bin Laden multiple times.  What the movie DOESN’T show, however, is the controversial burial and lack of evidence surrounding bin Laden’s death…

Conspiracy theorists have two main reasons why bin Laden wasn’t killed by the US Navy Seal team in May of 2011.

1.  Lack of physical evidence.  Basically, there ain’t none.  No pictures, videos, DNA tests, etc.  Why wouldn’t the Seal team take a picture of bin Laden’s death for proof?  And if they did take one, why wouldn’t they be allowed to release it?  I remember watching the video of Saddam Hussein’s execution…I don’t know why I watched it (dark time of my life), but I did.  So why not show us something???

2.  Sketchy burial.  bin Laden was buried at sea because U.S. officials stated that there wasn’t any proper form of burial available within 24 hours of his death, as dictated by Muslim practice.  However, the U.S. hadn’t always followed this practice.  The sons of Saddam Hussein, for example, were held for several days before being buried.  (The Devil’s Double is a GREAT movie about Uday Hussein, one of Saddam’s sons.)  Some argue that the burial at sea was meant to rid bin Laden’s death of any form of enshrinement or focus of attention since it wouldn’t be easily accessible.  Either way, the burying him at sea does seem a little…fishy.

So, why would the US fake Osama bin Laden’s death?  

The answer is pretty simple.  At the time of bin Laden’s “death”, Obama was getting ready to run for another term of presidency.  Bringing the nation together by killing the man who was behind the worst terrorist attack in US history would be a great way to start out your campaign.  What do you guys think?  Is this a hoax?  Is bin Laden still alive?  Or did he die long ago?    


7 thoughts on “Zero Dark DIRTY ;)

  1. The Devil’s Double was a crazy good movie. I think Kathryn Bigelow killed Osama bin Laden. And I’ll swear when I damn well want.

    Anyways, I’d had no idea that this was even a consideration for a conspiracy. And to be a bit pro-US (take that whichever way you want) for a minute, I’m proud that we tried to keep with Muslim tradition in the burial of his body. It probably would’ve been very easy to desecrate it beyond belief.

    • I agree…The Devil’s Double is an underrated movie. I was looking through Netflix Instant Watch one day and came across it – figured I’d give it a shot. Ended up really liking it!

  2. Love this post. I heard a little bit about this conspiracy theory last year, but never really thought about it much. It definitely is really strange that the United States wouldn’t release photos or DNA tests for proof of his death. I remember them saying that they withheld such photos because they did not want to ignite another terrorist attack from Osama’s supporters. Very interesting…I believe that there are definitely secrets that our government keeps from us to advance their own agendas.

  3. Why would OBL go along with a conspiracy to fake his own death?

    It is not like he was a former CIA agent with ties to the government in the 1980s in the war in Afghanistan.

    Oh wait, he was.


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