Panacea? We don’t need panacea. We have VITAMINS!

Medicine has always existed, and along with it untreatable diseases have also been present. At some point it was bacterial infection, now it is cancer and AIDS. Humanity has been dreaming of panacea forever. Some people claimed to find all-purpose medicine. However, in every case savior was labeled charlatan. Mankind has not given hope though, and is still searching for a perfect drug to cure every disease. Individuals tend to take advantage of those dreams and make fortune by making dreams come true.

According to the Dr. Rath Health Foundation website, Matthias Rath is “the physician and scientist who led the breakthrough discoveries in the natural control of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other chronic health conditions.” Rath claims that AIDS, simply put, does not exist, and HIV is a myth that pharmaceutical companies use to make money. Dr. Rath states that vitamin deficit is a cause of all those diseases and only vitamin treatment with vitamins might be effective. Chemotherapy, antiretrovirals – everything is a scam to trick people into spending money. Rath is well known for his war against pharmaceutical industry which he accused of genocide on the world in its lust for profits. This seems reasonable due to the fact that untreatable diseases create the need of pharmaceutical companies, which then pray on the desperate society. Rath is just a loyal servant of society, fighting a millennia old conspiracy.

Matthias Rath, in fact, spends huge amount of capital on advertising in many countries all over the world, instead of simply helping people. Because of his campaign South African government refused to use conventional medicine to treat AIDS and prevent HIV, which caused 171,000 new HIV infections and 343,000 deaths over the period of 8 years from 1999 to 2007. Dominik Fled, nine-year-old boy, died after being taken off chemotherapy and put on Rath’s vitamin program. Boy’s mother blames scientific medicine and the pharmaceutical industry for her son’s death.

It is quite hard to fight Dr. Rath because he is one of “them”, is a part of conspiracy. How do we deal with one, who is supposed to act ethically, but cannot be forced to? As a doctor he took an oath and is meant to act ethically, however he does not.


2 thoughts on “Panacea? We don’t need panacea. We have VITAMINS!

  1. Well, he is pretty clearly unethical, right? You can definitely rely on the ideas of professional ethics, both in spirit and law, to approach this. Another angle, which you touch on, is HOW he is able to operate.

    I think one element of the African situation is that “HIV deniers” are able to use the symbolism and rhetoric of White colonial rule to call into question the disease or the medicines. Why they want to is not so clear to me.


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