Do You Agree with the Campus Climate Report? (Mike’s Wish)

PLEASE read the following before you vote!  In other words, vote about the report, not “what you heard” it says.

Also, the link is below to the poll.

From its Executive Summary (note- this is a White Paper, essentially!)

THE PHRASES IN [] ARE JORDI’S SUMMARY.  This is to make poll easier.

The most significant problems include:

1)    [Lack of Engagement] Lack of student intellectual engagement outside of the classroom.

2)    [Greek Dominance] Fraternity and sorority activities dominate the campus social like with few students participating in non-Greek social opportunities.

3)    [Drinking & Party Culture] Excessive alcohol consumption combined with a party atmosphere, which leads to inappropriate behavior

4)    [No Space] Lack of social space on campus that facilitate non-greek social activities

5)    [Unhealthy gender dynamics] Unhealthy and unequal gender dynamics that disempower women students

6)    [Sexual assault] Sexual assault and ignorance regarding what constitutes sexual assault

7)    [Homogenous] Lack of diversity that leads to students form underrepresented backgrounds having difficulty fitting in to Bucknell.


1)    [Students catalyze] Engage, educate and empower our students so that they can be key catalysts for improving the campus climate

2)    [Transfrom party culture] Transform Bucknell’s party culture, creating a healthier social environment for our students to develop the ability to interact in productive and mature ways

3)    [Reduce dominance of Greek Life] Reduce the dominance of Greek life, thus establishing a more equitable social environment

4)    [More engaged] Promote a more intellectually and civically engaged student body

5)    [Heterogeneous] Increase diversity of our student body, provide support for all students, and foster an environment of respect among all

6)    [Improve gender dynamics] Improve the gender climate so that female students experience positive interactions with their peers

7)    [Zero rape tolerance] Increase education regarding sexual misconduct and create a climate of zero tolerance for sexual assault

8)    [More Spaces] Improve and increase social space on campus, so that small and large groups of students have places to meet for intellectual and social activities

9)    [Engage fac staff admin] Educate and train faculty, staff, and administrators about the campus climate so that the can provide leadership to change existing dynamics

10)  [High priority] Demonstrate broad and sustained institutional commitment to change, providing leadership and resource where they will have the greatest impact

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