Let me start off by saying that I am frustrated by the campus climate report and stupidity of students more than anything. The task force was very well intentioned in bringing light to some of the problems on this campus, but failed to identify the positive elements of the Bucknell experience. The report succeeded in drawing attention to the campus climate and invoked conversation, which is essential for any kind of change. As the manager of Uptown, I am very involved in the Office of Campus Activities and Programming and planning events on campus. Significant structural and strategic changes have been made in most student activities since the report was issued, to combat some of the engagement and social issues raised. Where attendance of events is the issue, planning MORE events and providing MORE things to do on the weekends is useless. We have observed the most prominent barrier to attending these events as “I don’t have anybody to go with, none of my friends are going…” WHAT HAPPENED TO MEETING NEW PEOPLE BY DOING THINGS THAT INTEREST YOU?!? I can’t understand why are students so set in their social groups and afraid of acting as an individual that they don’t take advantage of the plethora of interesting opportunities provided.

My favorite line that I hear in Uptown at almost every event is: “This is such a cool space, I didn’t even know it was here before.” I have to just laugh at how stupid students are on this campus for going to such a good school. Advertising on this campus is one of the most difficult tasks because students COMPLETELY IGNORE IT. Prime example: MESSAGE CENTER. The one place you can find out what is going on and NO ONE READS IT. Second example: THE INVOLVEMENT NETWORK (IN NETWORK). The easiest platform to use to advertise all events on campus in once place and PEOPLE STILL DON’T KNOW IT EXISTS. No matter how big or blatant you make a sign or banner people still WON’T SEE IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. I question if there is an engagement issue or an observance issue in students.

Where Bucknell students are REALLY STUPID though, is when it comes to drinking. Most freshmen come into college with some limited experience drinking (yes, we were stupid in high school too) and general knowledge about the effects of alcohol. If they paid attention in high school health class, they know what constitutes one drink and that 4-5 drinks is considered binge drinking, and that underage drinking is quite illegal. This is common knowledge, the University should not have to tell them this over and over. Why they think MORE IS BETTER when it comes to alcohol is beyond me. Throwing up is NOT FUN. Dehydration is NOT FUN. Falling over is NOT FUN. Fighting with people is NOT FUN. Moderate consumption is A LOT OF FUN, a blood alcohol content that causes cardiac arrest is not. And yet, they continue to do the same stupid things and think “Oh, but I have more tolerance now.”

One of my biggest problems with the response to the campus climate report is that “Bravman is ruining Bucknell.” Bucknell was ruined by previous administrations that SPOILED students and PROTECTED them from reality with lenient and forgiving policies. WAKE UP PEOPLE. You can’t learn from experience in a bubble. The POLICE ARE REAL. There are RESPONSIBILITIES AND LIABILITIES that come with hosting parties and serving alcohol. PUBLIC INTOXICATION is a danger to society, let along your own health and well-being. Partying with alcohol has REAL COSTS and it’s about time students on this campus become aware of that. Unfortunately, I honestly believe it is going to take the death of a Bucknell student to open our eyes to the real consequences and dangers of drinking. Like a good parent, Bucknell administration can only do so much to prevent our mistakes, we need to really fuck up and suffer the consequences of our actions to learn.


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