A Green Bucknell


The session I participated discussed about the sustainability program on campus. My favorite one was the “Green Roof” project. It is beautiful and sustainable.

Green Roof is a project, which encourages people cover the roof of a building with vegetables and green plants. The green roof would be built over the waterproof membrane, root barrier and drainage and irrigation system. Each pants occupies a spot.

Green Roof has many environmental benefits. First, a concentrate of green roofs in an urban area can reduce the city’s average temperatures during summer. Second, green roof could create natural habitat for animals. Third, it can filter the pollutants and carbon dioxide out of air, which helps power disease rates such as asthma. Green roof can also filter pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater. Fourth, it can increase agricultural space. Agricultural space is short especially in countries with large population or limited land, for example, China, India and Japan.

Green roof also provides economic benefits. First, it can increase the roof’s lifespan. Green roof could protect the waterproofing membrane from UV light in order to increase the life expectancy. Second, green roof could reduce the energy use as I mentioned above. It can help to lower temperature of building and save the energy-use of air conditioner.

Bucknell could apply Green Roof project in the future as the leading example of sustainability. Besides the “Green Roof” project, Bucknell are considering to use the wind energy by setting the wind turbine near campus. Also, the solar panels would be considered to be installed in dormitory areas


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