A More Sustainable University

The professors at the Sustainability Curriculum Seminar discussed how Bucknell is changing the course curriculum to educate students in creating a more sustainable world.  The professors wanted to make sure that students who graduate from Bucknell have acquired the skills necessary to use resources more efficiently and protect biological diversity.   In the engineering department, Professor DiStefano discussed how they are adding three mandatory courses to the curriculum and additional electives that can be related to engineering as well.  In the management department, Professor Hiller discussed how they have now divided the management school into four degrees, sustainability being one of them.  She posed the question, “what are the kinds of things people will need to manage the future?”  The new courses will educate Bucknell students on how to create a more sustainable world.   Then Professor Susman began to discuss the Bucknell in Nicaragua program, and the importance of the links between society as a whole and the individual parts.  He argued that society should continue to maintain environmental sustainability and prepare a community to address any conflicts or surprises.  Lastly, the final speaker, Professor Griffin, discussed the integrated programs that would be co-taught with people in different divisions and model the process of interdisciplinary issues.  This model of teaching would embody the liberal arts education with a range of classes that students can take to get a well rounded education.

I like the changes that the different schools are making to teach students specifically about sustainability and better prepare them for jobs outside of Bucknell.  However, as Management Major, I was concerned that the new sustainability program seemed to cut out some of the classes that I had been required to take.  What I enjoy most about the major is that I can take a wide range of classes within the School of Management and then decide what career path I want to take based on those classes.  If I hadn’t been required to take classes such as Accounting 161 and Microeconomics, I might have settled in one area of business too early and not have realized that my interest lied elsewhere.  The Management Majors now will have to pick an area of focus within the four degrees and may miss out on other classes that they could have taken.  That said, I do agree that some more sustainability classes would be beneficial to better educate students on the subject, so overall I do like the additional courses Bucknell now offers.


One thought on “A More Sustainable University

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