Kiva Donation- Helping a Budding Manager in South Africa

I thought I owed it to the class to at least tell you where my $25 Kiva donation went to.  I’ll take you through my thought process first.  I figured I would look to donate within the category labeled “Education” because we are all college students in a class together.  I figured we would want to promote the idea of education.  That narrowed it down to a few students looking for loans to help them pay for classes.  I then read a few of their stories and decided that Siboniso was the choice for me.  He is a Business Management student of the Maharishi Institute.  I thought that many of us in the class are management majors so we could relate to him.  He is also looking to work in the finance department for Anglo American, which I personally related to because I want to work in finance as well.  Here is a picture of Siboniso:



Here is also the story of Siboniso from the website:

A loan of $2,050 helps Siboniso to pay for one year tuition fees and living expenses at the Maharishi Institute.

Siboniso is a Business Management Student of the Maharishi Institute. Siboniso is 21 years old and was asked the following questions by a staff member of the Institute:

What do you study at the Maharishi Institute and what classes do you enjoy most?

“I am currently studying a business degree at Maharishi Institute. The classes that I enjoy most are Higher States of Consciousness because they help to connect with the inner being.”

What are your goals after graduation?

“My goal after graduating is to work for Anglo American in the Finance Department then start my own warehousing and logistics company. I would like to work within the city of Johannesburg so that I don’t travel much.”

Tell us about your background.

“I was born and raised in Katlehong, east side of Johannesburg. I stay in Katlehong and I have four brothers and one sister. My father works at Afrox as a part-time driver and my mother works as a consultant for Old Mutual. I am not married and I don’t have any children or kids.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“In my spare time I like to read and cook because I love cooking and if I’m not doing those two, I also like to search for something on the internet.”

How will the Kiva loan change your life?

“The Kiva loan, for me it will do some significant changes both in my life and studies. Firstly I know that I will get to school or I will be able to go to school every day no matter what and secondly the Kiva loan will give me an assurance that my tuition is secured and covered.”

If you want to see the actual profile, just click here.  You can donate more if you feel like.  Our small, yet heartfelt donation helped achieve more than 1% of his donation needs.


Final BC Report- Magazine Covers

Here is our last council report.

Blog 1: Sociological Imagination

Blog 2: Apple

Blog 3: Mike Daisey

Blog 4: Who would you bring to speak at Bucknell?

Blog 5: Sports

Blog 6: Where are they now?

Blog 7: Conspiracy Theory

Blog 8: Paper 2 Ideas

Blog 9: House Party Hangover

Blog 10: Tech-pocalypse

Blog 11: 60 Second Ideas

Blog 12: Creative Write Yourself

Extra: Sustainability Seminar

BLOG STATS/Questions

Here’s a list of each users most viewed blog post, and the number of views it attained:


Tupac Announces 2013 Tour, 113



Jay-Z and Beyonce Work for the Devil!, 210


Megan M

Wal-Mart: Save Money. Live Worse., 91



Is all that SHIT in the Media really true?, 164



Do You Believe In Miracles?, 36



“In every good lie there is a little bit of truth”, 26



This is Some Serious Spy Shit, Y’all, 49



Illuminate Yourself, 27



Sociological Imagination, Ethics, and the Steroid-Era of Professional Baseball, 77


Mike M

Paying NCAA Student-Athletes: A Simple Answer Amidst Complicated Rules, 38



Play Ball! Prompt 5- Sports, 29



Gamesmanship vs. Sportsmanship, the Ethics of Sports, 57



Blog Prompt 7- Conspiracies: Do They Exist?, 36


Megan C

Together Everyone Achieves More, 15



I hope I don’t get killed for writing this…, 56



Blog 6 Prompt: Where are they now?, 25



On Instagram Straight Flexin, 46



Did Elvis Ever Really “Leave the Building”?, 25



2013 Olympic Medal Ceremony: Track and Field, 30



Sick Soccer Betting in China, 17



Patagonia: Taking Corporate Responsibility to the Next Level, 20


Mike L

Business Ethics and Sociological Imagination, 8



Living a life completely clear of Mudd, 8



Enforced Ethics, 3



Questions About Business Ethics and Sociological Imagination, 4



Moving Forward…

Here are some discussion questions the BC came up with:

Are you more likely to write more in the future?

Would you want more privacy for your writing (limited to class) in exchange for LESS global visibility?
How can blog be brought into class?
What was your favorite/ most creative blog title?
Do you think the blog helped you to get to know your classmates better? Do you feel you know more people in this class compared to your others due to the blog?
Did you like the blogging aspect of this class?
What was your favorite prompt?  Least favorite?
Do you think blogging has helped you become a better writer?

Of COURSE my life’s movie will be an indie hit about childbirth.

When Zach Braff was writing the movie Garden State, the soundtrack was one of the first things he figured out. So I hope you have Spotify, because I accidentally had mine ready (NSFW Language!).

I am the culmination of everything that has happened to me, as I will be 10 years from now. So any movie about me isn’t just about me doing things, it’s the story of how I met your mother I got to be that person. That being said, so many experiences are universally relatable- people respond to flashbacks because they have their own version of those memories. Anyways, this movie is about childbirth.

Specifically, it’s about Future Me in the days leading up to the birth of my first kid. As I think about the fact that this is a major landmark in my life, I immediately think about the fact that all through college, I separated my history into two parts: before and after my brother was born (I was 9 or 10). I think back to when I shouted on a plane that I wanted a brother, when I first held him, and when I accidentally helped him take his first steps. For so long, there was no dividing line bigger than his arrival, and yet here’s another one coming up. I’m terrified that I’m gonna screw things up somehow, I’m excited for snuggles, and at that point, I probably even don’t realize just how sick of diapers I’m about to get.

10 years from now, I’m working a desk job in the city, and I volunteer at a radio station (I couldn’t give it up!). I didn’t meet my wife there, but she thinks it’s awesome that I have that- she listens and texts me whenever I play a song that she loves/hates. So in these couple of days, I try for life as normal, all the while anticipating. Since I was young, it was my main “life goal” to be a great husband and father…

Flash back to a long montage of when I was a little kid. It alternates between joyous and depressing. Childhood was great sometimes, and awful others. I don’t want to think about me as a little kid trying to cope with my crazy and dysfunctional biological family, but with that are great memories with my adoptive mom. As many different versions of me across the years explain, family is what you make it, not what you’re born into.

It’ll flash back to all of the romances in my life, up through my wife. This starts with Kindergarten, when I got “married” to the teachers daughter(!), includes all that high school awkwardness, and lots of complaining about my city’s dating scene.

One night, I’ll have trouble sleeping. From here we see the development of my narcolepsy (in high school), and all the tests I went through before we figured out what it was. Emphasis on my stubborn refusal to accept that there may actually be something medically wrong, and it’s something that better self-control won’t actually fix. The movie goes back in time when I realize this is just like when I was convinced that there was no way in hell that I needed glasses.

At work, I have a great idea for an equation to fix the predictive model I’ve been trying to make work, and I catch myself almost getting too involved in that and losing track of everything else (like my pregnant  wife!). Flash back to last-minute overhauls of projects in elementary school, endless tinkering through high school, and the sleepless nights spent in the radio station in college. Continue on to a huge fight with my wife because I got lost in my work again. Back to the Future/Present where I save and close.

…And so on and so forth. This movie will really hit all of the highlights, up and down. Decorating nurseries, getting my grandfather’s tools, making dinner and remembering little smartass me “making egg drop soup” by dropping eggs, the whole shebang. My first encounters with life, death, love, and sorrow: the point is, it’s the highlights of my life, as they tie into these nerve-wracking couple of days. 

Anyways, before people get too bored of reminiscing, “Echoes of Mine” from the above playlist starts playing (SERIOUSLY PLAY IT NOW), and I’m rushing into/through the hospital and I’m there with my wife because it’s about that damn time. Here there are lots of disjointed clips of Future-Present me, and lots of the highlights of what we’ve just sat through, at least one clip from every major part of my life. Then, I have the baby and the entire focus is on right now. Everything has led to this moment, and that’s what there is to focus on.

Life moves on, though, and the Every-Award-winning ending shows it. As I’m standing there with our new baby, the circle of life happens, and I instantly picture him growing up, in [some] of those same scenes that I was remembering me in. The future is coming, and Future Me is trying to picture what it’ll be like for the next in line.

Ahhh… My Day Off

Crazy… I actually don’t wake up to a sophisticated alarm embedded in the headboard of my bed.  Not because there isn’t one there, but because today is Sunday, my day off from work when I can finally play a round of golf.  I shouldn’t really call playing professional basketball ‘work’, though.  I play for the Mobile Frackers, a new NBA franchise that was started in 2018 by a group of oil barons.  Since all vehicles, planes, and boats became solar-powered (due to a breakthrough in research by Sonny Jacobson, a Bucknell grad), the need for oil is significantly lower than it was 10 years ago.  I guess the oil barons made a smart move by getting out of the oil industry and investing in hoops.

Anyways… I get out of bed and go downstairs to see my personal chef, Cheyenne Peppers, making me breakfast.  “I’ve made your favorite!” she exclaims.  “Chilaquiles?” I ask with a smile on my face.  “You’re the best!”  I hastily sit down at the kitchen counter, grab my fork, and dig in.  “These are terrible,” I tell her.  “You’re fired.”  Of course I’m only kidding; Cheyenne and I are great friends.  She is the girlfriend of my manager, Petey Manavich.  They both live with me in my condo in Mobile, AL, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.



As I eat my delicious Mexican dish, I pull up my computer on the kitchen counter.  First I check my U, the app I developed several years ago that has revolutionized how people across the WORLD manage their lives.  U is not a social media platform.  (I would tell you more about it, but this is something I’m actually working on.)  Finishing my last bite, I yell out to Petey, “you ready to get your ass kicked today?”

Petey and I hop in my solar-powered Range Hover.  We joke about how funny it was when I had that piece of shit ’02 Acura RSX two-door.

2002-2004 Acura RSX photographed in College Pa...

I really hated driving this car 10 years ago.

Pulling up to the valet parking at Moose Country Club, I am greeted by Parker, one of our younger employees.  “Good morning Mr. Muscala,” he says.  “Please…call me Mic,” I tell him.  I got a lot of crap for changing the spelling of my name a couple years ago, but it has helped my rap career immensely.  Despite my appearance, I have garnered a decent amount of respect in the rap industry with my two albums “Six Foot Eleven” and “Mic Jawz: Great White”.

After shooting a disappointing 78, I tell my caddy Jeff Greens to schedule me for another tee time next Sunday.  My golf game has really improved, but only being able to play once a week makes it difficult.  As Petey drives us back to the condo, we put on some instrumentals and start freestyling.  I’ve been so lucky to have him as my manager — we’ve been friends ever since 2nd grade.

Cheyenne has dinner ready for us when we get back.  Steaks from the grill and corn on the cob, lathered with butter and salt.  Sunday is when I pay less attention to the healthiness of the foods I eat – it keeps me sane throughout the grueling week of workouts as I prepare for the upcoming season with the Frackers.  I check my U one more time before bed and set my alarm that is, in fact, embedded into my headboard.  730 AM it reads.  Time for another week to get better.  As a 31 year-old professional basketball player in the final year of his contract, I need a big year if I want to remain in the NBA and get another contract as a free agent when the year is over.

Then again, when I first signed with my agent over 10 years ago, he mentioned it wouldn’t be terrible if I went to Spain to play ball for the final couple years of my career.  Guess we’ll just have to find out.  ¡Buenas noches!


Better Life in 2023

Dear Diary,


It is now April 23, 2023. Time Flies. I still remember the day I sat in Bertrand Library to imagine ten years later. After a whole day working in PricewaterhouseCoopers in Philadelphia, finally I am laying in my bed in Beijing. When I was in college, I was thinking if I could invent a magic door in Doraemon. It is a door that able to bring you to any places you want within a second. I could study or work in United States and go back home after finishing a day. Luckily, the door has already been invented and allows me to go back home everyday. This is the most exciting invention among these ten years.


When I was in college, I hoped that people could utilize technology to benefit lives without damage the environment. I also hope that globalization could be developed based on social justice and human rights. Now in 2023, clean energies are widely used. For example, my car is powered by electricity instead of fossil fuel. The roof of my house is covered half by solar panel and half by my cute roof garden. Besides the solar panel on the roof, the community I am living is powered by wind power. Wind power was more popular in developed countries in Europe and United States but within recent ten years, the wind power is getting popular in China. Wind turbines are settled in the farmlands or near the beach. Farmers can still use the farmlands with wind turbines stand in their lands. Government subsidizes the use of wind power in order to fulfill the sustainable development around the country. However, the use of wind power is limited geographically. For example, wind turbine could generate more power in Beijing than in Yangzhou, where my parents are living.


Furthermore, when I took a class called “Business, Society, Government” in Bucknell ten years ago, I wrote a paper about the dark sides of food industry, especially the food safety problems behind the meat industry. I hope people could have more organic foods instead of industrialized foods. Today, in both United States and China, governments start to subsidize the organic foods, like vegetables and fruits. The meat industry is also controlled strictly by government.  Schools start to educate the idea of healthy diet and the disadvantages of junk foods to kids. The rate of obesity has dropped more than 30% among these ten years.


Finally, the uneven development brought by globalization is getting prohibited with frequent social movements that occurred. Apple has settled complete supply chain that allow workers in China to corporate with robots. In this case, the workloads are much smaller than before. The banana industries in Costa Rica are focusing more about the rights of local residents. For example, American companies offer fair payments and subsidies to employees and local communities in Costa Rica. At the same time, those multi-national corporations are more focusing on sustainable development in other countries. There are less irrational exploration of natural resources and more sustainable energy use occur.