A College Student’s Nightmare: Life Without Facebook


What would we all do in our spare time without Facebook? Whenever a spare moment, it is commonplace to see people checking their Facebook wherever you go. Many of us would probably admit to being slightly or even completely addicted to the social website. For the people who are heavy users and update their Facebook page on a daily basis, it is interesting to wonder what would happen if their Facebook suddenly just disappeared.

Behold, the terrible reality of life on Earth without Facebook!

The Social Network 2

This parody highlights how so many of us have unthinkingly turned to social networks as the means to organize all of our social events, to the point where just asking a crowded room of people to a future event seems hopelessly disorganized.

Before the mobile phone, for instance when my parents were my age, people would make a greater effort to meet at a pre-arranged time and place, knowing that there was no way of informing the other party of changed plans at the last minute. If the Facebook event option of clicking the “maybe” button were to be removed, people might actually commit to a “yes” or “no” more often.

In reality, most of us invest an enormous amount of our time into this virtual social world that could feasibly disappear. Not only would the millions, even billions of photos and content that were exclusively uploaded to Facebook be gone forever, but the relationships forged within the site would be gone as well. For instance, you may be Facebook friends with an Australian or Russian, and Facebook has served to remove the geographical boundaries that exist between your two separate locations. Without Facebook, this friendship would most likely be gone. Unless of course you had taken note of their email address before the site was shut down.

In terms of business, the loss of Facebook would strip brands of an extremely effective marketing and PR tool. Having a presence on Facebook has afforded brands the opportunity to speak to their customers in a more direct and personable manner than ever before.

It is clear that Facebook is firmly entrenched as a vital part of our work and play time than we may realize. It also suggests that there is no going back. Social media is now a permanent feature of our world.

The Huffington Post recently posted a video entitled, “ What if Facebook Disappeared Tomorrow?” Feel free to watch here:

 What If Facebook Disappeared Tomorrow?

What are your thoughts? What do you think would happen if Facebook just disappeared?



7 thoughts on “A College Student’s Nightmare: Life Without Facebook

  1. I know that I am definitely addicted to Facebook. At this point in my life I can’t imagine my life without it. I rarely open my laptop without going to Facebook first. To be honest it’s pretty sad how social media has taken over our lives. I’ve even began using Instagram – another social media outlet. Luckily I have not succumbed to Twitter yet. It make mes wonder what social media will be like when I have kids and the affect it will have…..

  2. Good post. It is hard to believe that how much time I spend on Facebook. I never really do anything on it, I just look at what everyone else does with it and mostly laugh. Facebook in and of itself is a nightmare for college students. It’s like every time I sit down to study or do work I end up checking my Facebook like every half hour. I could seriously cut my studying time in half if Facebook was not so prominently embedded in my mind.

  3. As a good friend of mine puts it, there are two types of people on Facebook: “the givers” and “the takers.” The givers use Facebook to post status updates, photos, etc. while the takers use Facebook to survey the givers’ posts; I don’t think there’s a negative or positive connotation with either or, it’s just preference in use of the site. I feel the hypothetical disappearance of Facebook would have huge hypothetical implications for givers, but not for takers.

    • I like that description of the users. Personally, I’m a taker in the realm of Facebook. I have maybe 4 status updates this year, mostly just saying where I will be in case some of my friends will be there too. I mainly use the site to talk to my friends. I essentially could be just fine with AOL instant messager. I do like the idea of pictures and being able to document memories, but the fact that a TON of my memories are on Facebook is worrisome. If the site crashes, I lose almost everything I would have wanted to keep in order to share my memories. I should really print some of these pictures out or save them to an external hard drive. I like that there are givers out there, but sometimes these givers give a little too much. I would like to see a people filter out the useless crap they post and keep it productive, interesting, and entertaining.

  4. My post was very similar to yours. I just looked up at the different tabs I have open on my laptop, and Facebook is the first one. It has become an unconscious habit of mine to open the site without even a second thought. When I am searching for a computer to use at the library I get so annoyed when all of them are taken and I see half of the people on Facebook. But then, if I was on one of those computers, I would most likely be doing the same thing. Facebook has become my favorite form of procrastination.

  5. really funny videos haha. I think society would be able to function just fine without FB. I mean, we survived before it was invented right? Studies have been done that suggest that society might be better off without FB (wrecks marriages, friendships, etc)


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