A World without Google

What if one day you typed in google.com in the search bar, and the words: “unable to connect to server” popped up on your screen.  What would you do?

“I don’t know, I’ll Google it” is a phrase that I probably say every day.  I can’t imagine a time when I didn’t have this search engine fired up and ready to go when there is ever something that I am unsure about.  I have set Google as my home page every time I press safari or Internet Explorer.  Google is my teacher, my parent, and my peer all in one: it provides 1,000,000 answers to a single question that I might have previously asked someone who may have the answer.  I like to think that having this resource has fueled my desire for learning and my sense of curiosity, because I find myself eager to “google” any question I may have and find millions of answers waiting for me.

I shudder to think what would happen if we no longer had Google at my fingertips.  Google has become such a necessary part of my daily life that living without it seems terrifying.  Researching a topic for school would take days and not hours, finding the telephone number of a restaurant would require actually searching it in the yellow pages, and finding an address would mean searching through tons of paper maps.  These tasks have all been taken care of for us, by the ever-reliable Google.

Furthermore, the company is unparalleled in that it also has Gmail, Google Earth, Google maps, Google calendar, and Google docs, all for free.  It is not only a superior search engine, but it also connects many resources that we use on a daily basis, such as a calendar and email.  With Gmail and Google Calendar, I can now invite someone from my calendar to an event, and they will be notified by email and by pop up from the calendar about the event.   Therefore, Google not only is an incredible search engine, but it also saves time, money, and space.

Sometimes we use the convenience of Google for granted, and I think it is important to step back and realize how technology has become an integral part in our lives.  Even for this post, I “googled” images and videos that I thought would be related to the issue.  If Google suddenly disappeared, it would definitely be a rude awakening.


6 thoughts on “A World without Google

  1. It is crazy to think that Google has become so involved in our lifestyle that we now “google” is now a word in the dictionary. Google truly has impacted out lives and given us an opportunity to gain knowledge that no other generations have had the opportunity of receiving, When people did not know a quick fact, it would simply be forgotten or they would have to use a dictionary. When was the last time you used an actual dictionary?

  2. A world without Google…is a terrifying thought. I use Google way too much. When I don’t understand something, need a definition, need a source for a paper, need directions, or want to find a restaurant, I resort to Google. It’s crazy to think about the days when I was in elementary school and was taught how to find sources in the library. It would take a while to find just ONE book, and then I would have to flip through and see if it was worth reading. Now, we can find anything we want in a matter of a couple clicks and a couple seconds. PHEW.

  3. It is amazing to think of a world without Google, especially when you dig further into what Google does. Besides the lack of being able to find something with the click of your mouse (or touch of a screen), millions of people would be without a smartphone, some cars would no longer have navigation, large corporations which rely on Google’s serves would collapse, and much much more. I wonder what would happen if one day Larry Paige decided to “see what would happen”.

  4. There’s no better feeling for me than typing something I don’t know into google and seeing that it has a Wikipedia page. Is that a bad thing? Probably.


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