And then there were no communications…

I won’t go as far as blacking out the entire world and seeing what type of person rises up to take control. I will however, using the powers given to me by this Business, Government, & Society class, turn off all phone and internet communications, forever. Imagine.

When we were younger our parents were just starting to buy cell phones. These were nothing like the sleek smart phones we take for granted today, but were instead large bricks which they would carry around in large bags and only have service in limited places. I remember how my parents had one of these bag phones which they would take with them on vacations in the event there were emergencies at work and they needed to be contacted. Even now, I cannot imagine not being able to communicate with my friends, whether it was through Skype, AIM, cell phone, land line, etc. A world that is not connected not only is something which I have no practical experience with but is also a world which scares me.

We, in the collective worldly sense, have come to the point where communication is not only a necessity but common practice. A world where this is no longer available would devolve into instant chaos. Large empires, the US included, would struggle to find ways to communicate with their generals and militias which could only keep peace for so long. In this made up world, I would not have cut out ancient ways of communication which leaves one of the most interesting paths for innovation.

Jump back 100 years, or even less, and people used to communicate by letter, horseback, and word of mouth. These types of communication, considering we were able to maintain a societal structure, would again become the mode by which we communicated. This concept is extremely hard to imagine given the advances we have had in communications recently. But how far off are they? This post has allowed me to think about the what if, and what that would mean to our culture. I could not begin to imagine our society without the technology and communication we have today.


2 thoughts on “And then there were no communications…

  1. Given how many fears and concerns are expressed here about phones or about lack of connectivity- is there a path to innovation you see?


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