Do you think your photos and posts are private?

Facebook, along with other social networking sites, have changed the face of privacy. We live in a world where “stalking” is now an acceptable norm. Nothing is private anymore. Your conversations are available to anyone in the world from the moment they are posted. It is my belief (perhaps paranoid) that once a picture is posted on the internet, even if for just a short period of time before it is deleted or “untagged” then the picture can be traced back to you in some way. Also, if someone really wanted to access all of your Facebook account without restrictions, I bet there is a way to get around the standard blocking security technique.

Facebook is watching you alert be careful of what you post

Today is a world dominated by the concept of instant gratification. If I can’t reach someone via text, my next option is to call them. Then if that fails, I will text again, and then proceed to write a Facebook message. One of these methods usually works. Only a few of my of my friends are so bad at keeping track of their phones that I have to resort to all of those methods at once. But why do I feel like I need a reply immediately? Why can’t I be content with waiting around for a response? Technology has changed our generation. Our impatience is only growing worse as the years go by.

With Facebook gone, I would be the most upset about losing all of my pictures. I have switched computers over the years and have had my laptop crash. Some of my pictures aren’t backed up anywhere besides on Facebook. To adapt to the tragedy of losing most of the pictures, I guess I would have to salvage as many photos as I could find and turn to printing out hard copies of each one. It would be back to an era of scrapbooking and non-virtual photo albums.

We would also have to adapt the ways in which we socially interact with each other. We would have to put more effort into keeping in touch with long-distance friends. I guess this will help you determine who your real friends are compared to your inflated list of Facebook friends.

Challenge for anyone who reads this: Take a look at your list of Facebook friends. If you wouldn’t even write a simple “happy birthday ___” to them on their Facebook Timeline on their birthday then are they worth keeping on your friends list?


4 thoughts on “Do you think your photos and posts are private?

  1. The question you posed at the end of your blog is very thought provoking. Since Facebook has been invented, the idea of “friends” has completely changed. It is shocking to see that people have over 1,000 friends on Facebook because I think to myself that there is no way people actually have 1,000 friends in real life. People are friends with people on facebook and they would not even say hi to them in public let alone write happy birthday on their wall on their birthday. I also agree that our generation is very impatient. I even find myself paying extra shipping so that my purchase arrives quicker. I think growing up in a major technological era has fueled this impatience because we have the world at our fingertips.

  2. I agree with everything you said about Facebook. I believe that there is a way for some computer geniuses to access almost anything on the computer so yes I believe anything that goes up on Facebook is not private anymore. This is why you must always think about what you put online. That being said I agree that the most I get out of Facebook is the pictures. Usually when your with friends and everyone’s taking pictures your friend has the pictures with you in them and you have the ones with her in them. With Facebook your friend simply has to upload them and tag you and now you have all the pictures with you in them. It is so convenient and simple to store all of your pictures in one place and it takes no time at all to create an “album.” Recently I thought about getting rid of my Facebook since it’s mostly a distraction and not always a positive influence for me. But what stopped me was the pictures. I would have had to save all of the ones I liked to my computer and then it would be hard for me to get my friends pics that I’m in. So instead I decided to go through my “friends” list and trim it down to the essentials. I also force myself to go on the site less then i used to. This has made my Facebook experience much better.


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