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I don’t have a Facebook.  I used to, but deleted it with my Twitter over a year ago.  This past summer I started a new Twitter because I kept hearing, “it’s kind of weird that you don’t have one.”  I hated when people said this.  My response was, “do we really live in a world where NOT having a TWITTER makes you a weirdo?”  I guess I was kind of in protest.  But now I’m back.  And it’s addicting.

I made about a week ago that I could only check Twitter once per day.  That’s it.  My plan was to check it every morning when I wake up and wait 24 hours until I did the same thing the next morning.  Well…safe to say it’s hard to follow that plan.  I do check it every morning.  Like Frank mentioned in his post, it’s the first thing I do when I wake up!  The habit isn’t healthy.  So, I’m going to imagine a world without Twitter.

First, a lot of people will have nothing to do.  Literally.  The users with 100k + tweets, full of motivational quotes, selfies, and retweets will be left with a lot of time on their hands.  Second, people will have to find other things to do to kill time when they’re going #2, walking to class, or both of the above (what? just checking if you’re paying attention).  Third, a lot of celebrities/important people will lose perhaps the biggest form of communication with them.  No longer will I be able to see what Kobe has to say after games 😦 .

If Twitter was obliterated, the world wouldn’t come to an end.  Something very similar would obviously take its place.  I think it’s a very useful tool that I’ve learned to accept for just that: useful.  However, I’m trying to stop using it as a ‘habit’ like some people can relate to how they use Facebook.  There are other things I should be doing with my time.  I get too many endorphins from checking to see if my @ sign on my Twitter iPhone app has a blue circle next to it (Twitter users can relate to this).   Finally, like I mentioned earlier, the notion that everyone “should” have a Twitter is what really needs to be obliterated.  Das not koo.

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6 thoughts on “Follow Me Follow Me TWEET TWEET

  1. Back to this post after following instructions and leaving a tangent comment, I also have to admit my twitter addiction. I can’t help that mentions and retweets give me a rush either 😦 Twitter is my instatnt source of news, entertainment, and an outlet for frustration and excitement. I feel like if I don’t check Twitter for more than a few hours, I’m out of the loop, and actually have to go figure out what’s happening in the world!

  2. Kimmel is hilarious. But this is different than Frank’s- he sees twitter as MORE intimate than the lowest-common-denominator of pop culture silliness.


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