Change the World- Blog Prompt 11


ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

There is a lot wrong with the world today, but maybe we can do something about that….

What To Do

Your task this week is to think of a “60 second idea to improve the world.”  (The link is the BBC podcast where Jordi first heard this)

Please read your post and time it to sixty seconds!  These should be short, powerful, and convincing.  60 seconds is about two paragraphs or 500 words.

You can go big (whole world) or small (fix one corner of the world).  The main idea is that it is an idea that we can envision.

Please post the title (and URL) to your finished idea in the COMMENTS ↓ of this post so we can easily find it.


There will be a small prize for the winning idea as determined by the post’s rating (on the star ratings) with my opinion being the final tie-breaker.

Encourage others to see your idea!  Facebook!  Twitter!  Whatever it takes!

Some ideas on traffic from marketing author Seth Godin.


You may have an idea you have been carrying around in your head.  Maybe you heard something you want to promote here.  Total originality is hard. You can look here too for inspiration:


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