Stop War. Play Sports.


Obviously, people will have different responses to this blog post. There are numerous problems with the world, many of which will unfortunately never be solved. I think that the world’s biggest problem right now is military means and thinking as a way of resolving political problems.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes war as “a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations.” However, war is more than that. It is young people dying before they’re even fully adults, or being injured or mentally scarred for life. It is humans being taught to kill other humans. War is genocide, torture, cruelty, and dishonesty.

War is not in the human heart. Rather, it is something that governments use to solve disputes or problems. It is simply not fair to everyone else. For politicians who think war is necessary, there is always a reason to go into a war, and if there is no convincing reason, another one is found. The effects of war are terrifying. People’s lives are forever changed in the worst possible ways. And all for what? So men in suits can get their way? It doesn’t make sense and it must be eradicated.

The fundamental question then arises: Can humanity eliminate war? It’s a complex question for sure and one worth pursuing if the world is to become better place to live in. I think it is possible for war to be completely eliminated (not in our lifetimes) but for this post and its word constraints, I will present an idea to reduce war. We have seen throughout history that creating “leagues” or intergovernmental organizations does not decrease the likelihood of war (i.e. League of Nations). Thus, I think it is necessary to turn to an aspect of life that celebrates all of humanity. I am thinking of SPORTS. Sport can be used as a powerful tool to promote peace, tolerance and understanding, bringing people together across boundaries, cultures and religions. The Olympic Games have essentially served as an international truce since its existence. I propose that we hold the Olympics once a year for a longer duration of time to foster peace in the world. Of course, this would be an extremely costly venture. But, so is war. The Iraq War cost the US over $196 billion last year. In contrast, the 2008 Bejing Games cost China a little over $1.8 billion. You do the math.

Of course, sporting initiatives alone cannot stop or resolve conflict, but sport provides an engaging and for building peace and preventing future conflicts. STOP WAR, PLAY SPORTS.


7 thoughts on “Stop War. Play Sports.

  1. I really like your proposal for reducing war. I’m also a huge advocate of sports but I do have one concern. Having the Olympics every four years makes it a novelty that everyone waits years for. Another factor to keep in mind is that many of the athletes competing in the Olympics are professional athletes – would having the Olympics every year change their athletic lifestyles? Would it be a positive change? Maybe this change should be incremental and we should start by having the Olympics every 2 years instead of every 4.

    • Well, we technically do have the olympics every 2 years if you think about it. Winter Olympics will be held in 2014, while the next summer Olympics will be in 2016. I agree with you Gil and also think that it important to keep the Olympic games “novelty”, or else everyone will lose interest (including the athletes). They will not have any time off if we start having the olympics each year. They need a rest too.

  2. I agree that war is unnatural and a terrible reality in our lives. I also love sports and believe they have the power to bring groups together. However, realistically how important are sports and the Olympics, for that matter, to smaller countries, especially the ones we have been having trouble with such as Iraq and Iran. Yes, there is no denying America loves the olympics. Is this because everyone loves the Olympics or because we had 539 athletes in the London Olympics and came home with 46 gold medals. Now does Iran and its 53 atheltes and 4 gold medals and Iraq’s 8 athletes and 0 medals care as much about the Olympisc?

    • I thought about that, but I don’t think that would be fair to the athletes competing. Sports should be fun and there is nothing fun (for the athletes) about resolving political conflicts over who wins a swim race for example. There would be too much pressure.


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