A small way to help

It’s the little things that can help.

Over Christmas break I was at LaGuardia airport with my family.  While I was waiting to board, I decided I would use the restroom.  After washing my hands in the bathroom, I was surprised that there were no paper towels to dry my hands.  After searching the bathroom for some time, I finally discovered this machine:

I hesitantly put my hands inside and was shocked; it completely dried my hands in less than 10 seconds.  Even better, I didn’t waste paper, I didn’t spread germs (its automatic, so you never actually make contact with it), and best of all uses less energy than older hand dryer models.

My proposal to help the world is to add these hand driers in all the bathrooms at Bucknell.  Although they are a more expensive option, these would eliminate paper towels in all the bathrooms and therefore put an end to wasting paper.  Furthermore, these hand dryers are an upgrade from the previous ones that typically take longer and do not dry your hands completely.  Most bathrooms offer paper towels and the older model hand dryers so people can choose which ever they prefer, but with these new hand dryers people won’t have to make a choice.  It dries your hands almost instantly, you don’t spread germs, and there is no trash to clean.  I believe if we make this small adjustment, we would be helping the environment in a small but effective way.



5 thoughts on “A small way to help

  1. I think about this all the time! Not only is it green, but it also can save money in the long run because it reduces the cost of refiling paper towels constantly. This technology is a brilliant way for companies to not only save money, but help the world. It surprises me that Bucknell has yet to install these all around campus.

  2. Great idea! I also was at the Baltimore airport earlier in the year and the airport had these hand dryers. I thought it was one of the coolest inventions ever. It dries your hand quicker than normal hand dryers and there is no paper towels needed. I can’t imagine how much waste is from paper towels. It would be an expensive upgrade, but in the long term it is well worth it!

  3. I have thsi old school technology also. As most days I am wearing clothes, and they are made of absorbent material, wiping seems just fine….

    Not sure picture will show up. but this is the idea…
    Kids are so smart


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