Everyone in America Needs to watch this video

I don’t care if you read this blog or not, just watch the video. If you have done that, my goal is accomplished.

Everyone at some time or another has heard about the issue of wealth inequality in America. Constantly inn the news, in the papers, on the internet, the issue of equality in America floods our everyday lives. However, people still neglect to see the large issue at hand. People are too concerned about remaining loyal to their political parties and always skeptical about the data presented by the conflicting party because their data HAS to be skewed in some way. We need to find some way to address the inequality issue with unarguable facts separate from a distinct political part. Well my friends, we just did…

This 6 minute video emphasizes the ideal wealth distribution and the reality. With distinct graphs, images and video motions, this video presents FACTS. It puts into perspective how the wealth is really divided.  It shows that the top 1% has more of the country’s wealth that 9 out 10 people believe the top 20% should have in three different ways.  Facts like these are astounding and people need to see this. If people can see this video, they can see the problem with our current system. People do not understand the extent of the wealth distribution in America. Yes people have a ten minute debate at the dinner table, but they still have neglect to see the facts and only worry about winning the arguement. They need facts.  Watching this video  can reveal important details to everyone. Everyone needs to see this video because it shows the distribution of wealth in american in an easy to comprehend way.

“Are You Kidding Me? Lines

“The top 1% has more of the America’s wealth than 9 out 10 people believe the entire top 20% should have.”

“The Top 40% barely have any of the wealth… It’s hard to even see them on the chart”

“The Middle Class is barely distinguishable from the poor”

“The top 1%’s money stack stretches 10 times higher than we can show.”

“1% of America has 40% of allthe nation’s wealth”

“The bottom 80% only has 7% of the Nation’s wealth”

“Top 1% income has nearly tripled in the last thirty years”

“The 1% holds half the countries stocks, bonds and mutual funds”

“Do you really believe the CEO is working 380 times harder than their average earner in their company?”

“The average worker needs to work a month to earn what the average CEO makes in an hour”


8 thoughts on “Everyone in America Needs to watch this video

  1. I can’t say that I am surprised but wow to have these facts confirmed is quite disconcerting. Do you think that there is something wrong with our capitalistic system here in the U.S. if our wealth distribution is SOO skewed? I have always been a proponent of this system but I have to say learning about how greedy and unethical this has made people act in the business world recently and the resultant immense costs it has had on society and your average U.S. citizen makes me wonder how we will be able to fix these problems if we still are functioning under a self-interested, profit seeking mentality. What do you think? What should be done?

  2. I completely agree with your concern about capitalism. I think that the growth capitalism demands cannot be sustainable and we are starting to see it today. With the top 1% containing 40% of our countries wealth, there is something wrong. With the middle class shrinking, more and more people are starting to become impacted by the unequal wealth distribution. Now, as this continues to get worse, history tells us that people will demand change one way or another. I am not saying we need to go to socialism or communism, but we need to find a way to distribute the wealth more equally. I do not know exactly what needs to be done per say, but i think that taxing the wealthier more seems logical. But there are many negative consequences of that decision as well. So I am not exactly sure what needs to be done. Overall, it is an extremely hard problem to fix, but something needs to be done soon.

  3. I loved this video. Did we watch it in class or did we see I just see it somewhere else? Also, could you tell me what the reliability of it this video is because I do believe that this could be true but I am just not sure where all this information is coming from. Anyway, I am going to make my post on similar topics to this one if you feel like checking it out. Good job, and way to rile some minds.


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