It all starts with you!

It might be a catchy song, but are the lyrics words to live by?  When you think of the phrase, “how to change the world,” what comes to mind?  Some people think of trips to other countries.  Some think of providing resources.  Some think of money.  Some think of quality education.  Sorry Jack Johnson, most people don’t change the world by simply sitting, waiting, and wishing.

The truth is, there are no wrong answers to this prompt.  All ideas about changing the world are put on the table and considered viable options once discussed.  The question is, do we have enough ideas in this world?  More importantly, are these potential “ways to change the world” backed by a person or group of people with passion?

By now, you’re probably thinking…get to the point.  So here it is.  All it takes is a simple attitude adjustment.


No, not this type of attitude adjustment. It’s a bit more general than dealing with anger.  It’s about waking up in the morning believing in yourself, believing that you have the power to change the world. I recently watched a TED talk given by Amy Cuddy about body language and power, and I found myself feeling inspired by the end of it.  Watch it.  She is a talented speaker who makes some great points.

Back to my suggestion:

  1. Have some confidence, and a backbone.
  2. Don’t back down or take no for an answer.
  3. Dream big and believe in yourself.

We can all do more than we’ve ever imagined.  Each of us has the potential to change the world in some way.  You’ve heard the phrase, “You’re your own toughest critic.”  While this may or may not be true, let’s change this up a bit.  You can also be your own best source of motivation.  So let your mind wander.  And whatever idea or goal you have, just tell yourself you can do it.  As Cuddy says in her talk, “Don’t fake it til you make it.  Fake it til you become it.”  The key here is to tell yourself you can accomplish your goal whether you actually believe it or not.


You never know…the Pulitzer Prize could be yours one day!


4 thoughts on “It all starts with you!

  1. I really enjoyed your post, and I love Jack Johnson. I agree that nothing will change unless we all make a conscious effort to try and change the world. If we simply sit, wait and wish the world is going to deteriorate bellow our feet. Everyone should make an effort everyday to use less energy, recycle, carpool and so much more. The little efforts we make can make a big difference if everyone tries a little harder to make a difference.

  2. I really like your line about letting your mind wander. This is exactly what needs to happen in my opinion. People have become to reliant on others and the societal paths and roads that have already been formed. Don’t be afraid to get out there and try something new. Trust me everything has not been discovered and we still have a long way to come.

  3. I like the direction you took with your post. Instead of focusing on what we can create to change the world, we should focus on bettering ourselves. This way, we are changing the world with our new ideas, creativity, and confidence. If we make an effort to “dream big” and “don’t back down”, people will accomplish their goals and make the world a better place.


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