Bridge the Gap

There has been a huge divide growing over the past decade amongst the common American and their political beliefs and how this country should be run. This divide ranges from people believing that the government should not hold a single place in this country to believing that they should have a say in almost everything that the common citizen does. I believe that the real question should not be how much influence the government has, or which ideology should be the “winner.” Rather, I believe that this country should find a common understanding, come back to the middle, and work out our problems together.

It is because of this that I propose a day of walk around engagement. What I mean is that I believe people should be free, once a year, to take time and go meet with someone from a completely different ideology from themselves and get to know what it is that they actually do. While it might not be the “big fix,” I believe that it would allow people to think from a much broader perspective which would cut through the bureaucratic divide which has frozen the progress of this country. I would love to know what other people think about this idea so keep the comments coming!!


One thought on “Bridge the Gap


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