One Day Flyer’s Ed. Pass = Fly!

I love flying.  I get nervous sometimes when there’s bad turbulence or a shaky landing, but overall I enjoy the experience of getting to the airport, eating at a restaurant or buying a magazine, and cramming into a seat that doesn’t fit me because all the exit row seats are taken by people shorter than 6’0″.  What I DON’T enjoy, however, is the safety speech/demonstration that occurs every time I fly.  


First of all, no one pays attention to what the flight attendant is saying.  I’ve told myself in the past that I would read through the pamphlet in the exit row to actually understand what to do in case of an emergency, but it’s hard to do.  Let’s be honest…do any of us really know the protocol?  For all I know, all of you do, and I’m making a fool of myself.  But I have a hunch that not many of us do.

So why don’t we know this protocol?  Simple: there are no consequences.  You can still fly if you don’t know how to fly.  This is unlike driving, where you need to take an educational class and have time behind the wheel before you can hit the road.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “Mike, you don’t actually FLY the plane…so why do you need to take Flyer’s Ed?  You don’t need to take Driver’s Ed when you’re just sitting in a seat as a passenger, either.”  Well, I agree.  Whole-heartedly.  You don’t really need a class on how to be a passenger on an airplane.  But if we DID have one, we could get rid of the flight attendant having to demonstrate it every single time we fly.  That would save him/her time & our sanity.

Finally, having this class would actually make people know what to do in case of an emergency.  If they took a simple day-long course and had to pass an exam later that day or the next morning in order to fly, I’m willing to bet they would pay attention!

I’m sure there would be a huge public outcry saying that this is unnecessary.  But just envision this.  You have a 6am flight back to Harrisburg, heading back to Bucknell after Spring Break.  You’re tired from the sun, you’re hungover, and you don’t even want to think about school.  Wouldn’t it be nice to hop on that plane, and have them just turn the lights off right away, without a peep from a flight attendant, so you could sleep and get the flight over with?  I’d sure like that.  🙂



9 thoughts on “One Day Flyer’s Ed. Pass = Fly!

  1. I know what you mean, the worst is when you are going somewhere international and they end up playing the demonstration 3 times. Though, I am not sure how well the airlines or the FAA would be able to administer this when they have so much trouble with airport security and checking people in as it is.

  2. After recently completing 11 flights in 8 days, I know exactly what you are talking about and would have loved some more sleep on the planes! If you need a campaign manager for this, let me know! Or you can solve this problem by flying on a private jet…

  3. It’s an interesting idea, what would you suggest, a one semester course on flight education in high school, like with drivers ed? I think that could be possible down the road, but I don’t think enough people fly for it to be considered a universal educational need. I understand the need for it completely, but people drive or experience driving in some way usually each and everyday, which is why we have drivers ed in high school. How many people actually fly everyday of their lives?

    • I agree, it’s not as needed as driving education. But it would just be a one day thing. So you wouldn’t have to spend as much time as driver’s ed. Since it’s shorter, you could justify it even though people don’t fly as much as they drive.

  4. The best I’ve seen are airlines that use a video to gently poke fun at the whole lack of attention…

    While you are it, you could include a lesson on how to pack to avoid being strip-searched by TSA.

    And add Laruen’s being nice to people… so many grouches in airports.

    • You’re right, there really are way too many mean people in airports. Passengers should be taught some sort of protocol to teach them things like how not to shove or scream at the workers doing their jobs at the security checkpoint. I think you can really tell a lot about a person by how they treat others in a traveling situation.

  5. I agree, I think it is very unnecessary to hear these video over and over again. I have resorted to reading books during the safety presentation. Like Jordi said, the best I have seen are the airlines that use an entertaining video to get the points across. Air New Zealand has been pretty great at doing this. They even make new videos frequently using different popular celebrities to spice up this otherwise dull moment on the plane. Here is one of my favorites of their videos:

    • Haha that is a good video. It would be cool seeing that maybe like 5 times but then it would get old. So why I do agree there are fun things they can do with the video, at the end of the day, they’re saying the exact same things. So let’s just take a one day course, a pass/fail test, and be done with it!


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