A Queer Query

As a Women and Gender Studies minor, I have taken my fair share of around topics of inequality, privilege, discrimination, and intersectionality of race, class, gender, age, etc. The biggest problem that I have seen through my current class, Queer Studies, is the normative social structures we have institutionalized. A norm is “a principle of right action binding upon the members of a group and serving to guide, control, or regulate proper and acceptable behavior.” Many people are not even aware of these assumed norms; it takes a queer perspective, that is, taking a position that distances itself from the accepted norm, to realize the implications of this normative behavior. As we move towards a more progressive and accepting society, we need to educate our nation from a young age how to think about people and break down the existence of these norms:

1. Sex (male/female) should not be assumed by presentation of gender (feminine/masculine qualities).

2. Sex, gender, and sexuality are not binary categories, but each exist on a spectrum.

3. Heterosexuality should not be assumed until otherwise disclosed.

4. Discrimination based on sex, gender, or sexuality is ALWAYS wrong and should not be tolerated whatsoever in the workplace, schools, public use areas, or ANYWHERE.

5. Public bathrooms need to be private spaces that everyone and anyone should be comfortable using without conforming a binary category/label.

6. Displays of love, affection, and romantic interests do not fall within governmental or religious regulation. I call for a separation of state and church from love.


7 thoughts on “A Queer Query

  1. Based on principle number 4, what is your opinion on the Lulu app?

    I find it to be discriminating towards men, and a little ridiculous that it exists. If there was an app like this for males, I feel like it would be shut down in a heartbeat because there would be so much controversy around it.

    • I actually just learned about the app last week in Queer Studies and I do think it is discriminatory towards men and enforces heterosexism since only females can rate males. But, the reality is that this behavior is targeted towards women (maybe not quite as explicitly) everyday, through regular conversation, advertising, athletics, and sites like barstool and totalfratmove for instance.

  2. I disagree with #5 in so many ways…Men’s bathrooms are disgusting in many regards and the last thing I want are men using the same public bathrooms as my sisters

    • I have to agree with Kyle here, plus within bathrooms are stalls, which are as private visually as it gets without having a separate room for each person. Actually I’ve been in a lot of men’s bathrooms which only include stalls. Urinals are just for convenience really.

    • LOL. Maybe men will clean up. My undergrad school had coed bathrooms. They were small, all stalls. My memory is that it was… um… a non-issue.


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