I Can’t Wait For the Future…

As I wake up, I roll over in my bed and see my beautiful wife lying in bed with our German shepherd between us.  I look up onto the ceiling and see the digital projection of the time, weather, news, photos. When my eyes meet the projection, a calm voice greets me with a “Good Morning Mr. Vallala” as I start to get out of bed noticing it is 0600 (US now use the 24 hour clock).  As I tiredly reply with a “Good Morning Sonny” the screen follows me and meets me at the bathroom mirror. I then click the schedule button to see what is on my agenda on this fine Monday morning while Sonny reminds me that I have to meet a client at 9:00 a.m and that it is my mother’s birthday today (which I completely forgot about).  Noticing I have a busy day ahead, I put on my all Nike running attire I laid out the night before and start running at 0615. When I arrive back home after my daily 3 mile run, I open my door to my dog, Walle, jumping on me and my wife watching TV on the see-through screen in front of the stove as she gets ready to for work and makes us both breakfast.

I then notice how I am running a little late when I look at the digital screen on the wall that continues to follow me as I walk back into my room. After my multiple shower-head shower that I typed in the temperature for, I start shaving while listening to Ira Glass podcast from the week before. When I walk into my closet, I turn to the mirror and tell Sonny to show me my black custom fit suit. Looking at myself in the mirror wearing the suit, I realize I am not feeling that particular suit today and simply swipe to the side with a hand gesture and see another “related” charcoal shirt that Sonny already had lined up before I asked. I easily chose the charcoal suit and had Sonny bring it to the front of the closet on the rotating rail.

Now 0715., I go into the kitchen and start eating my organic eggs and whole wheat toast with my wife as we talk about our schedule. Annoyed with the television noise, I simply say “Sonny Hide” to temporarily hide the television and screens on the fridge, over the stove and in the living room. I tell her about my big client meeting in an hour and a half and she tells me about how her new patient is feeling better with the new artificial liver transplant. After breakfast, I tell Sonny to start my fully electric Audi A8 and start walking to my garage. The garage door automatically opens when I enter the garage and I quickly have to stop Walle from running out the door to play with our neighbor dogs. I get into the driver seat of my car and tell it to start backing out.

As I check my emails on the windshield, the self-driving car starts pull out the garage and driveway on its own. I simply say, “Drive to work” and it shows me a navigation path to my destination on the screen in which I say “accept” and my car starts driving me there. I then tell Sonny to pull up my schedule and I start checking off completed tasks on my to-do list and he reminds me to call my mom now because I am busy for the rest of the day. I agree and Sonny starts calling her and she picks up and I see her face on the windshield of the car where my emails use to be. She tells me how she is doing great and loves traveling around the world. Once we hang up, I pull up my emails as I drive by the miles of protected wind mill farms that supply energy for the majority of North Carolina.

With little traffic due to the new efficient road system that allows cars to work together to plan paths based on traffic control, I arrive at work just 10 minutes after leaving my house. Saying goodbye to Sonny, my car parks itself as I walk into my office at 0820.  I then walk into my office on the 6th floor overlooking the city. I then pull up my company computer system and start preparing the marketing strategy that I prepared all last week for my client meeting. When my client arrives in the building my computer system notifies me and I meet him in the lobby. After a two hour meeting, he decides to hire me as his advertising consultant and I get pay raise.

Now 1630, I call my car on my phone and my car comes and picks me up. Tired from the long day, I stare out the window and notice all the moving advertisements on the billboards and buildings.  I tell Sonny to turn on the TV and I watch TV in my car on my way home. When I arrive home, my wife and I start looking up air fares to Europe. With almost everything completely wind and solar power, the flights were cheap and we planned for a two week anniversary trip to Rome. After watching the final season of our favorite HBO show, I tell Sonny to turn off the TV and go to bed at 2230.

(similiar idea)

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait For the Future…

  1. The entire time I was reading this I was thinking of the tv show 2050. The best part of this post is that everything that you are describing will most likely happen in the next 10 years or so. Also, congrats on the promotion.

  2. Thanks Jesse, I worked hard for it. But the reality of it is exactly why i chose this title. I love the idea of having so much information available to you all the time with such ease. Let’s just hope that the Wind energy or solar energy starts to become more common so we can have a sustainable future in 10 years. Oh and congrats on your top Forbes reward. If you need any marketing advice for your new company, feel free to ask.

  3. I love the video you included in this post. I remember seeing it a while ago and being completely fascinated. If you had told me that things like walls, refrigerators, or mirrors would all have touch screen/smart-phone-like features a couple years ago, I would think you were crazy. But this video really makes this look like a natural part of reality in the future. I’m excited to see all of the innovations in store for us in these next ten years!


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