The floating town of Beach Haven

April 22, 2023

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written in you for 10 years. I’ve just been so busy. You wouldn’t believe how much everything has changed since the last time I wrote an entry! Let me fill you in on the major details up until now…

Well, first-off, after I went to Colorado for those two years post graduation, I decided to come back to Beach Haven to run the family business. (Surprisingly, as much as everything has changed on the island, people still come here and buy fudge and chowder). So, pretty much as soon as I got home, all hell broke loose. There have been 12 major super-storm hurricanes since Sandy that have done their best to destroy this island. And on top of that, the polar ice caps decided it was a convenient time to melt completely. We were living at sea level before. Now sea level is 20 feet higher than it used to be. Crazy, I know! You must be thinking, how I could possibly still be living in this town? The best way to answer that question is for you to picture Venice, Italy.

To combat the rising water, we decided to convert Beach Haven into a “floating city” with canals for streets. In reality, the houses aren’t floating; they are built up extremely high on stones and wood piles, similar to the way Venice is constructed. But sadly, not all the houses could be raised in time, and in more of the residential areas, you can only see the tops of chimneys and roofs. Sort of freaky…

The fun part is that I get to drive my motorboat to work every day. Luckily we have figured out a replacement for oil in boat engines and they all now run on salt water. Why didn’t we think of that before!? I tie my boat up right off of my front porch, which is very convenient. Some people have even made boat garages to keep their boats safer and out of most of the elements.  And if it’s a nice day, I’ll take the paddle board or kayak to work.

Sort of what view from front door looks like

Sort of what view from front door looks like

And the businesses are now open full-time all year round, not just in the summer. Instead of tourists coming here for the beach, they now come here to stay in the floating town and take tours of the canals and old areas with the sunken houses. And now we sell the chowder and fudge, not only in the shops, but also using our boat venders that anchor on the sides of the high-traffic canals.

Now back to the present- today is a big day for the family. The fudge shop is celebrating its 70th year anniversary and we are getting the whole family together with the employees to celebrate. Action News is even coming this afternoon to film a story about the shops’ adaptation and ability to survive the rising water.

shameless plug

shameless plug

Now that things have been settling down and I’m no longer worried about being washed away by the sea, I’ve finally been able to start relaxing. I’m a little sad that I can’t ride my bike around anymore but I have heard this rumor that the town is going to extend the sidewalk (floating dock) out another 4 feet to add a bike lane. That would be perfect! Well, I have to go now. Thanks for listening. I hope I’ll write another entry again but this time sooner than 2033!

Meg “actually really hoping this doesn’t happen to my town” Maschal

4 thoughts on “The floating town of Beach Haven

  1. I SERIOUSLY hope this never happens to LBI. I’d be devastated. Though I must say, it would be kind of cool, not to mention fast and convenient, to be able to get to work by boat every day! Anyway, I loved reading your post, and I think it’s great you are thinking about running the family businesses. Oh and if you do run Country Kettle Fudge and you ever need a taste-tester, I’m your girl! #bestfudgeintheworld

  2. Loved your post Meg! I hope this never happens either but how cool would it be to kayak to work? I would love that! I like how you wrote the post as a diary entry, very creative.

  3. creative post. I like your quick comment on how we finally now start using an alternative fuel source now that the polar ice caps have completely melted. It is sad, but at the rate we are going now, it seems as your story may come true in 10 years.


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