Cry Me a River

Fuck, this post goes against everything I stand for. I don’t know where I am going to be in 10 years, or 5 years, or even next year. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW EITHER. I don’t want to think about life goals and accomplishments. My goal is to go with the flow, be spontaneous, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way and sounds interesting. Hence why I CURRENTLY HAVE SIX DIFFERENT JOBS/INTERNSHIPS while finishing this semester. Am I crazy? ABSOLUTELY. Do I love what I am doing? ABSOLUTELY. Do I have any idea where it will get me in 10 years? HELL NO.

One of my bosses that I have worked for on campus the last two years recently told me one of my best qualities is that I’m unpredictable and always on the go. She even said that she has no idea where I could possibly end up in just 5 years; something she can picture for just about all the students she interacts with. And she’s right! Cookie-cutter careers and lives don’t fit on me; I blaze my own trail!

I would love to go to a fortune teller or psychic to hear what they might say about my future and just laugh at the possibilities, but where’s the fun in actually knowing the future? That would take the adventure out of life. I can see myself having about 20 different jobs that diverge and converge in some general direction, forming the sort of career path that looks like this braided river system:

My Path ~ Braided River

I’ll probably be in some kind of sports/entertainment/events/management career in my early thirties, married at least once, chasing a couple of kids involved in a thousand activities like I always have been, and living in my sixth or seventh state or province (Canada would be nice). I’ll probably still be reffing hockey, seeing as that’s about the most consistent thing in my life thus far (going on seven years!) and still have an extremely short attention span and a love for country music and hatred for technology dependence.

Foggy River at Sunrise

Even though my future is about as clear as a river in the early
morning, I can tell you for sure what I won’t be doing in 10 years:

1. Rowing competitively

2. Regularly working 9-5

3. Living at home

4. Acting like I’m still in college

5. Doing anything creative

Imagination was never my strong suit. I learn the rules of the game and play them unconventionally well, but I’m not about to make up my own. I’ll find my own way to “success” and I’ll be happier than you. Guaranteed.


5 thoughts on “Cry Me a River

  1. You don’t have to be a creative person to be creative. I don’t consider myself creative by any means but I have done so many things in life that I would consider extremely creative. Plus, I feel that being unpredictable spurs creativity!

  2. Steph I love your post. I had difficulty writing my own, only because I am not sure what I want to do with my life in the next two years, let alone the next ten. I always think I have a plan for my future, and then something comes along that changes it. Even picking my major was difficult; I took psych, biology, calculus, spanish, and art history before I decided that I would focus on Management. I guess my wish is that ten years from now I am happy with the choices I have made, whatever those might be.

  3. Creativity redefined: taking the rules of a situation and playing them unconventionally.

    Creativity is the act of creation… it is not confined to fiction or art.

  4. Love this Steph! I think it reflects how most of us really feel at this age. I still really have no idea what I want to do with my life…who knows where I will actually be in 10 years.


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