Future City Life

drawing of futuristic city

April 23rd 2023

Today was an ordinary day for me. I woke up at 6 am after snoozing 5 alarms. Even though I am 30 years old, I am still not a morning person. My friends laugh at me for still using an old fashion alarm clock that runs on AA batteries. I like the simplicity of using an alarm clock even if it is outdated. Although I do use many of the new technological advances of this decade. When I roll out of bed, my feet are greeted by the feeling of the heated rug beneath them. Once of the best inventions in my opinion. My shower automatically turns on since I have the timer set at 6:10 am to the perfect temperature that I like it. After my shower, I go to my walk in closet and shuffle through my wardrobe using a digital screen on the wall. I finally settle on an outfit for work after a few minutes of shuffling. As I finish dolling myself up, my senses are filled with the smell of pancakes, eggs, and bacon coming from the downstairs. I walk downstairs to find my husband cooking breakfast and I think to myself thank god I married someone who can cook. The last time I tried to cook, I almost burned the kitchen down. I turn on the digital projection machine which basically is what people used to call a “television”, but now it is a digital screen on the wall above our stove. I browse through the channels while waiting for my breakfast to be finished. I flipped past all of the crap shows and eventually found a channel that had the Best of the 1999s program running. I started laughing to myself when I saw mp3 players, cds, and all of the outdated technology. DVDs and CDs are even outdated by six years now. All new music and movies get automatically downloaded to all of your devices after your pay for it.

After eating my delicious all organic breakfast, I drove to the train station so I am not late for work. I held up my train card and walked through an automatic security portal to make sure that I do not have anything dangerous in my possession. I take the high speed train because New York City passed a law a couple years ago that prohibited people to drive vehicles in the city.  The city was focusing on the problems of overpopulation and pollution that still plague the city. So many people flocked to the city over the past five years that the city need the room for new buildings. There are no more parking garages and the roads were constructed into small buildings. Now there are several high speed trains that run every five minutes from the suburbs into the city and make stops at every five blocks. People living in the city can only work or take a train to travel places. After New York City passed this law, people were either forced to sell their cars or have them stored outside of the city. Since I live on the outskirts of the city I only have the option to take the high speed train into the city. My husband luckily gets to drive his sporty car to work because he works outside of the city. Since these trains travel up to speeds of 200mph, I get to my stop in ten minutes. My work building is four blocks away, but thankfully it is a beautiful day out so I don’t mind walking. By eliminating cars in the city, people actually can smell the fresh air and hear themselves think. There is no more angry cab driver honking or the need to run across the street quickly before the light turns green. Crime rate has also decreased even though the population has majorly increased in NYC. Instead of dirty streets, there are small pathways for people to walk surrounded by green grass and water fountains. The city is so much cleaner and beautiful without cars and buses.

I arrive at my work, ESPN, where I work as a senior production manager in the NYC office. I just got the promotion a month ago so I still find myself working into the late hours of the night. I flash my employee badge as I walk through another automatic security portal. I ride the elevator up to the 78th floor of the building. Skyscrapers are even bigger now that I feel like I am on the level of clouds as I look out of my office. I am terrified of heights so I was scared as I moved from the 10th floor to the 78th floor when I got my promotion. Work was long and tiresome as I had so many meetings that I did not have time for lunch. By 6pm, I come to the realization that I will actually be able to get home at a decent time. I take the high speed train back to my town. I am thankful for the auto pilot button in my car because I can sleep and not worry about getting into an accident. The car automatically sets the route back to my house and I can sleep after a very exhausting day.


4 thoughts on “Future City Life

  1. It’s funny that you talk about CDs and DVDs being obsolete, considering macbooks are now sold without even a drive for them- it really is all internet-based! Your city picture also kind of reminds me of “Meet the Robinsons.”

  2. I like your idea of making a law that you can only walk/bike to work in the city! I know a lot of people now opt for the subway or busses to get to work and it is much cheaper, safer, and more reliable. Plus you don’t have to worry about parking!

  3. Haha we both picture ourselves working for ESPN in 10 years! 🙂 I really like your law about only walking and biking to work. I wish that it was feasible!! So much safer!


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